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Your Ultimate Checklist For Peru Travel: What To Know Before You Go

by Simon watson

Are you preparing to travel to the beautiful land of Peru? Peru is a tourist’s delight, from the majestic Andes to the mysterious ruins of Machu Picchu. But being well-prepared is crucial if you want your trip to be easy and memorable. Continue reading this checklist to learn all you need to know before traveling and why considering Peru tour packages is wise.

Passport And Visa

Verify that your passport is valid before beginning your Peruvian vacation. It must be good for at least six months beyond your return date. Additionally, based on your nationality and the length of your visit, find out if you require a tourist visa. If required, apply for one in advance.

Currency And Payment Options

The Peruvian Sol (PEN) is the country of Peru’s legal tender. Know the current exchange rate and consider using cash and credit/debit cards. Although there are many ATMs in large cities and towns, having some local cash on hand is a good idea, especially when visiting farther-flung locales.

Weather Conditions

Peru has a variety of climates due to its unique topography. Consider the weather where you’re going and prepare accordingly. Remember to carry good walking shoes for touring historical places and hiking routes.

Aware Of Altitude Sickness

Be mindful of soroche or altitude sickness, if you want to go to high-altitude areas like Cusco or Machu Picchu. Take it simple during the initial days at high altitude, drink plenty of water, and, if your doctor advises, consider taking medications like acetazolamide.

Reservations And The Itinerary

Include the towns and sites you plan to visit in your schedule well in advance. Popular vacation spots include the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Cusco, and Lima. Make all necessary bookings for lodging and tours, especially during the busiest travel seasons.


Peru is renowned for its excellent handicrafts, from vibrant fabrics to delicate pottery. Plan some souvenir purchasing, but be ready to barter for the best prices at the local marketplaces. Support regional craftspeople while bringing a bit of Peruvian culture home.

Consider arranging Peru tour packages from a reliable company if you want a hassle-free method to experience Peru. Travel packages may make your trip more comfortable and organized by including lodging, transportation, guided excursions, and occasionally meals.

They can improve your trip to Peru by reducing the logistics and giving you access to knowledgeable advisors. Prioritize good communication with agents, and make sure the tour package fits your vacation objectives. A well-planned travel itinerary can enhance your trip to Peru, whether your goals are to hike the Inca Trail or discover the Amazon Rainforest. Travel safely!