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Worldwide Bunaken Manado Marine Park Attractions

by Clare Louise

Source: https://www.indonesia.travel/

Indonesia has a leading tourist destination, the Bunaken Marine Park. This tourist attraction in Bunaken is well known abroad for the beautiful view of the underwater garden. Lots of foreign tourists come to this place to see it firsthand. This tourist attraction in the city of Manado is a marine national park that is protected and inaugurated by the Indonesian government some time ago. In addition to beautiful coral reefs, this place is also supported by adequate accommodation facilities to have no trouble finding a place to spend the night. You need to know, the average number of tourist visits to this place reaches 35 thousand people every year.

Interesting Things in Bunaken Marine Park Attractions

The charm of this tourist attraction is its beautiful coral reefs and a place to live for various types of marine life. It is recorded that almost 2000 species of fish live there and some of them include rare animals, such as dugongs and turtles. The types of fish you can find include Dansel, trigger, wrase, sweetlip, unicorn, cloundfish, parrotfish, etc. With a sea depth of up to 1000m, you can dive to your heart’s content. You can also see larger types of fish such as tuna, shark fish (sharks), rays, barracudas, and dolphins if you are lucky.

The type of underwater world in Bunaken has a characteristic, namely the existence of great underwater walls or often called hanging walls. A giant coral wall that stands straight vertically is a source of food for various kinds of life there and the source of the most amazing underwater scenery.

If you are not confident to dive or snorkel, you can walk around the beach in Bunaken. The beaches here have stunning views, clean and green sea water, and soft beach sand. Or you can enjoy the underwater by riding a catamaran. A catamaran is a glass boat that can rent in Bunaken. Through the glass, you can see the underwater scenery without getting wet.

How to Get to the Bunaken Location

To go to the Bunaken Manado tourist attraction location, you no longer find it difficult because Sam Ratulangi airport has provided international flight routes to Singapore, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Thailand, and other countries.

From Sam Ratulangi airport, we can use a taxi service to the city of Manado at a rate of approximately IDR 150,000 to IDR 200,000. After arriving in the city of Manado you can rent a boat to go to the island of Manado. There are three choices of ships, first, you can pass Bersehati Market to Bunaken at a price of around IDR 300,000 – 400,000. Second, you can also go through Marina to Bunaken with a boat rental price of around IDR 600,000 – 800,000. Or third, using a local boat with a cheap IDR 50,000 per person even though the distance is a little longer to get to Bunaken Island.


You can choose between staying on Bunaken Island or a little further away in Manado City for accommodation. For Bunaken itself, you can rent a hotel directly with very standard facilities around the beach. Meanwhile, if you are looking for accommodation in the city of Manado, there are many choices of hotels, from the cheapest to the most expensive ones here. For the best hotel, just order it online, so you don’t run out of rooms. Try to prepare a place to stay in advance, considering that visits to Bunaken Island are very high.

Bunaken Tour Entrance Ticket

To enter Bunaken National Park, you need to buy an entrance ticket obtained in urban areas or the National Park. The price is very cheap, foreign tourists are only charged IDR 50,000/person per visit or IDR 150,000/person per year.

If you want to snorkel or dive but don’t bring your equipment, don’t worry because here many provide snorkeling and diving equipment rentals. Benchmark rental prices start from IDR 150,000 / person / day. At this price you can get snorkeling equipment such as masks, fins, and wetsuits. Then for taking underwater photos, a fee of IDR 350,000, – is charged. If you need a guide, an additional fee of IDR 150.000,- will be charged.

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