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Winter Wonders by the Waves: Must-Visit Places in North Wales from Your Seaside Hotel

by Larry Watson

Exploring North Wales during the winter season from North Wales seafront hotels Llandudno provides a unique and enchanting experience. From charming coastal villages to historic landmarks, here are some places to visit in North Wales hotels with pools to make the most of your winter seaside retreat.

Conwy Castle

Marvel at the medieval grandeur of Conwy Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The winter months add a touch of mystique to this historic fortress, making it an ideal destination for a scenic stroll along the coast.

Llandudno Promenade

Take a leisurely walk along the Victorian promenade of Llandudno. The seaside town exudes charm with its elegant architecture, and during winter, the crisp sea air adds a refreshing element to your stroll.

Great Orme

Embrace the winter beauty of the Great Orme, a limestone headland that offers panoramic views of the Irish Sea. Consider taking the Great Orme Tramway for a unique and scenic journey to the summit.

Anglesey Coastal Path

If you’re a fan of coastal walks, explore the Anglesey Coastal Path. The island’s rugged coastline provides stunning views of the sea, and the winter season brings a peaceful ambiance to this picturesque trail.

Porthdinllaen Beach

Visit the scenic Porthdinllaen Beach on the Llŷn Peninsula. With its sheltered cove and views of the Snowdonia Mountain range, it’s a serene spot to enjoy the winter seascape.

Portmeirion Village

Step into an Italian-inspired village nestled on the Welsh coast at Portmeirion. The eclectic architecture and colorful buildings create a whimsical atmosphere, especially enchanting during the winter months.


Explore the coastal town of Aberystwyth with its historic pier and Victorian promenade. Take a stroll along the seafront, enjoy the sea views, and experience the charm of this coastal gem.

Dinas Dinlle

Discover the beauty of Dinas Dinlle, a pebble beach with views of Caernarfon Bay. The winter winds add a dramatic touch to this coastal spot, making it a captivating destination for nature lovers.

Beaumaris Castle

Admire the architectural brilliance of Beaumaris Castle on the Isle of Anglesey. The winter setting enhances the historic charm of this medieval fortress surrounded by stunning coastal landscapes.

Criccieth Beach

Enjoy the tranquillity of Criccieth Beach, known for its sweeping views of Cardigan Bay and the Llŷn Peninsula. The beach is a peaceful retreat during the winter season, offering a quiet escape by the sea.

Remember to check for any seasonal events or festivities taking place in these locations during your visit, as winter often brings unique celebrations and activities to the coastal communities of North Wales. Whether you’re seeking historic landmarks, scenic walks, or simply the calming presence of the sea, North Wales has a wealth of treasures to explore during the winter season from the comfort of your seaside hotel.