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Why Book a Corporate Apartment Rather Than Stay in a Hotel?

by Larry Watson

When you’re travelling for business, choosing suitable accommodation is crucial. The place you stay can significantly affect your productivity, comfort, and overall experience. Should you choose the classic hotel room or consider alternative options like Corporate Apartments Melbourne? In this blog post, we’re diving into why booking a corporate apartment could be your wiser choice.

The Space Advantage

  • More Room: One of the main advantages of a corporate apartment is the sheer amount of space. Unlike cramped hotel rooms, these apartments often have separate living and dining areas, a full kitchen, and a laundry room.
  • Home-like Atmosphere: This additional space allows for a more home-like atmosphere, which can be incredibly beneficial when you’re away for extended periods.


  • Long-Term Savings: Corporate apartments usually offer lower daily rates for more extended stays, making them more cost-effective than hotels.
  • No Hidden Charges: unlike hotels that can surprise you with additional fees like mini-bar charges or room service, corporate apartments often have any hidden costs.

Convenience and Flexibility

  • Fully-Equipped Kitchen: Allows you to cook your meals, which can be healthier and cheaper.
  • On-Site Amenities: These range from gyms and swimming pools to business centres and meeting rooms.

Location Matters

  • Central Locations: Corporate apartments are often located in the city’s heart, giving you better accessibility to corporate hubs and public transport.
  • Local Experience: Staying in a residential area can offer a more authentic local experience than commercial hotel districts.

Privacy and Personalization

  • Less Frequent Disturbances: You can control your schedule with fewer room service interruptions.
  • Personal Touch: Many corporate apartments offer personalized services like grocery deliveries or custom furniture setups.


Choosing a corporate apartment over a hotel brings many advantages, from cost-efficiency and increased space to better convenience and privacy. Especially if you’re planning to stay for an extended period, a corporate apartment like Corporate Apartments Melbourne provides the home-away-from-home experience that every business traveller yearns for. So, for your next business trip, try the corporate apartment; you might find it’s precisely what you’ve been looking for.