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White Sand Beach in Yogyakarta That Tourists Must Visit

by Clare Louise

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Talking about the charm of Yogyakarta is indeed endless. Many tourist attractions offer beautiful and exotic natural panoramas, from places full of green trees to expanses of beaches soothing to the eyes. Of the many beaches in Yogyakarta, several beaches have beautiful white sand, you know. Here are six beaches with white sand charms in Yogyakarta.

  1. Timang Beach

The special feature that distinguishes this tourist spot from the others is a coral island located 200 meters to the west, known as Timang Island. The access offered for visitors who want to go to Timang Island is by riding the Timang Beach Gondola, a traditional style cable car. Timang Beach is located in Purwodadi Village, Tepus District, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. Timang Beach has a characteristic that is not much different from other Gunung Kidul Beaches. With a stretch of white sand and many pandanus plants, this beach gives an interesting impression.

  1. Pok Tunggal Beach

Still in Gunungkidul, DIY, the first white sand beach in Yogya is Pok Tunggal. Despite its remote location behind a hill, this tourist attraction is never empty of visitors, especially during the weekend or long holiday season. There are many activities that you can do while visiting this beach. Starting from light activities, such as swimming, taking pictures, diving, snorkeling to extreme activities such as rock climbing.

You only need to spend IDR 3,000 – IDR 10,000 for the entrance ticket. At the same time, the cost of renting a camping area is around IDR 5,000 – IDR 10,000 per tent every night. It is recommended to bring your camping equipment because the rental of camping equipment is still limited.

  1. Nguyahan Beach

Located in Kanigoro Village, Saptosari District, Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta. Nguyahan Beach has white and soft sand that adds to the beauty there. When the sea water is receding, visitors will be presented with a beautiful view of the rocks. You only need to pay IDR 15,000 to enter and the vehicle parking fee. There are also several facilities available for visitors, including toilets, food stalls and so on.

  1. Wediombo Beach

Wediombo Beach is also located in Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. Wediombo Beach has white and fine sand. The naming of Wediombo is also related to the existence of the white beach. Plus, the beach is quite wide, so this beach is called Wediombo, which comes from the Javanese language which means wide sandy beach. In addition to the sand, which is the main attraction, this beach has many chunks of rock scattered around the beach. The price of admission and parking is IDR 5,000-IDR 10,000, camping land rental is IDR 25,000 per tent, tent and camping equipment rental is IDR 300,000 per night, and lodging rentals are from IDR 200-400 thousand per night.

  1. Siung Beach

Siung Beach is located in Purwodadi Village, Tepus District, Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta. The location is approximately 70 km from the city of Yogyakarta. Beautiful high cliffs surround this beach. Interestingly, Siung Beach has 250 international standard rock climbing routes. The entrance ticket price is IDR 15,000, but if you plan to camp and park your vehicle for a long time, an additional fee will be charged.

  1. Indrayanti Beach

Indrayanti Beach is one of the famous beaches in Yogya. The charm of this beach is very beautiful and the location of this beach is strategic. This is the attraction of Indrayanti Beach. The beach sand here is white, and visitors can play in the sand on the beach. Do not throw garbage at this location if you do not want to be fined.

This beach is located in Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta, with an entrance ticket and parking price of IDR 10,000 to IDR 30,000. You can also play jet ski for IDR 250,000 per 15 minutes. In addition, you can also relax in the gazebo for IDR 30,000 per unit, rent a beach umbrella for IDR 20,000 per unit, and rent accommodation for around IDR 100-350 thousand per night.

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