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What to Know Before Moving to Long Island

by Larry Watson

Have you been checking out current Long Island houses for sale but want to make sure it’s the right move? We’re here to help you weigh the pros and cons of living in Long Island. Long Island can be a less populated area compared to New York City with the same thriving benefits that the city holds.


Even though you are not quite in Manhattan, Long Island still holds as a top contender as one of the most expensive places to live. Taxes are where a large sum of the expenses lie. However, the cost of living in Long Island is also on the higher end.

Job Market

With the thought of having a higher cost of living, you’re probably curious as to where the job market lies? Although New York City continues to have the largest job market in the area, Long Island comes closely behind with a steady rise in job availability. Small businesses are also a key element of the Long Island community. So if you’re not in the market of starting your own business, perhaps you can work for one instead.


The list of entertainment and activities is neverending. Numerous music venues and bars along with art galleries and performing art centers thrive in Long Island. If you’re more interested in an active lifestyle and having ways to enjoy the outdoors, Long Island also has beaches and beautiful hiking trails. 


Everyone has to eat, right? Well, the options of food choices are endless. With fine dining and several Michelin-star restaurants, your high expectations are sure to be met here. Cuisine from Mexican to French or Italian are also big stars in the area. There are restaurants that have been around the area for more than 50 years that don’t allow you to second guess why they’ve been there so long. 


Long Island is situated on the Atlantic Ocean and is between a humid subtropical and humid continental climate. Summer can be hot and humid with typical thunderstorms. Fall and spring tend to have mild weather, while winters can be a mix of calm or heavy depending on the snowfall and rain that season.


With job seekers wanting to live in Long Island for the job market or easy travel to New York City, the popularity of the area is increasing. The more people come, yes you guessed it, the more noise there is. While there are quiet neighborhoods on Long Island, be sure to understand that there are more robust and heavily populated areas.