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Take A Step Back In History In The Best Heritage Palace Hotels In Jaipur 

by Clare Louise

Heritage palace hotels in Jaipur are a class apart. If you have always wanted to know about them, this is your chance. They are an opportunity for you to step back in time and almost be like a part of history. Look at the best heritage hotels in the capital city of Rajasthan.

#1: Umaid Bhawan Palace

Live as the kings of yore did. The royalty of Rajasthan lived big lives in bigger palaces and this is one hotel that lets you take full advantage of all that it has to offer. Soak in the absolute majesty of the palace grounds while you enjoy your drink. There’s also a nice rooftop restaurant here to partake in amazing world cuisines.

#2: Raj Palace

Live in a piece of history at this heritage hotel which is gorgeous and amazingly designed to reflect the lifestyles of the kings and the way they loved. There are activities here that adults and children can enjoy.

#3: The Oberoi Rajvilas

Located amidst the marvellous 32-acre property, this is one of the best you can choose for yourself. It has traditional architecture, lavish gardens, and amazing reflection pools for the hit of luxury you need.

#4: Rambagh Palace

Still owned by the king’s descendants, the Rambagh Palace lets you enjoy a piece of history while you bring some glamour to your stay. The majestic Indian architecture has been present for centuries and it has now only been upgraded to suit modern sensibilities.

#5: Jai Mahal Palace Hotel

Take a leap into the beauty and luxury of ancient Rajasthan by being a guest at this lavish 18-acre property. It has Colonial architecture that is rich and elegant.

Heritage hotels offer a glimpse into the richness of Indian history and heritage. Make sure you stay in one of these hotels at least once and enjoy going back in time.

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