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Some essential aspects that you need to consider before organizing a party

by Larry Watson

Whether it’s for Carnival, a birthday or simply the desire to be together for a while, what’s better than hiring Party Bus Toronto service, and start enjoying with friends? Don’t you have any idea how to organize it? Don’t worry; here are the tips for organizing a perfect party.

Choose the location: a party at home or away from home?

Both choices have undeniable strengths and weaknesses. House parties are more intimate, allow you to save money, allow a freer organization. On the other hand, it is necessary to take into account any damage or breakages and certainly a thorough cleaning before and after the party. An outdoor party, probably in a party bus, allows greater freedom of movement, by opting for a lavish and colorful moment (and setting up the decorations independently) you can save money. You don’t have to fear the final cleaning.

Plan the guest list, who do you want to invite?

Consider that 3-4 guests may not come, and calculate that there must be space (seats) for everyone. It might be a good idea to create an event on Face book, in order to have everything monitored and to define the details with the guests. Decide the theme of the party, masquerade or not, formal or informal, decorations, what and how? It might be a good idea to decide on a theme and ask guests to bring something, this way your work will lighten up a lot.

Now it’s time to send out the invitations

If you don’t want the party to go on indefinitely, write down a start and end time. Specify whether guests can be accompanied or not. And if the party is themed, then inform them about the theme. Define a budget and be careful not to go over. It’s easy to get carried away. Think about food. Better if they can be prepared in advance. Avoid staining things that are difficult to “manage”: it is better to avoid too liquid sauces that risk dripping. Find out about any allergies or intolerances of your guests and make sure that 2-3 vegetarian dishes are included in the menu.

Think of group games, they will be perfect for easing the tension between people who do not know each other. Charge mobile phone and camera: they will allow you to take many photos during the party. Prepare bins and report their use: think that the more you can keep tidy during the party, the less you will have to work afterwards. Besides, you don’t feel like collecting glasses hidden in your books for the next month do you?  Think of a souvenir to leave for guests.


Is it a bus party? At this point it is time to talk to the service provider, and ask if they have any special requirements and rules. Ask if they allow any pets. Warn the guests that there might be some noise, but try to maintain cooperation with the bus driver and party manager. Especially if there are small children, ask guests to turn down the volume after a certain time.