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Six Outdoor Activities You Can Enjoy With Your Pets

by Roberto Chevalier

Enjoying activities outdoors can be difficult if it means leaving your pet at home, which is why many will seek out activities that allow their four-legged friend to join them. There are a number of possibilities for mutually enjoyable activities and, as more individuals demonstrate the demand, it is getting easier and safer each year, with a number of new accessories and events catering to getting pets outdoors.

We’re sharing six of the best options for those of you looking for a suitable activity that will allow you to bring your pet along with you as you embrace nature and adventure outdoors.


Long strolls through natural environments, and at a pace that almost everyone can enjoy, is certain to be one of the best options for animal lovers. Trails can be chosen for their suitability, ensuring that older animals aren’t over-exerted, and for their excitement, giving energetic pets a good run-around. 

Depending on where you venture, be sure to bring along suitable safety equipment, such as a tick remover, and plenty of water. And, for those journeying through national parks, be sure to bring along a lead too, as many areas have restrictions on animal visitors.


For those of you that enjoy a dip in lakes and rivers, bringing along your pet can be a great way to stay active together. Some animals can be hesitant to enjoy the water at first, especially the crashing waves of seafronts, but with gentle training, you might soon find your four-legged friend eager to jump in, especially on a hot day.


For those animals that enjoy being by the sea but not getting wet, paddleboarding might just be the watersport you need. There is, for example, a significant number of dog owners who take their dog out on a paddleboard, exploring the water with their pet sitting securely on board. 

To get them on the water, pets may need a little encouragement and it’s best to start slowly, building their confidence on steady water. Then, once they are used to the activity, you’re likely to see them jump up at the sight of your paddleboard.




There are fewer activities that are more fulfilling than sleeping beneath the stars, which is why camping remains popular across the world. Bringing your pet along with you is generally quite easy too, with many reveling in the ability to explore the outdoors and spend an evening close to their companion. It is important to check that your chosen campsite is pet-friendly but you are more likely to find that many campsites encourage animals and have facilities for them to enjoy!




Giving your pet a life jacket and bringing them aboard can be surprisingly easy, and many take to the water each year with their four-legged friend nearby. There can be a small transition phase, especially as pets find their feet on a boat at sea and it’s best to ensure they have a suitable safe space to retreat to, should they need it. However, once the practice becomes a habit, you’re likely to see them as a comfortable sailor as you navigate the water.