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Places that you can’t during your next visit to Malaga  

by Larry Watson


Malaga, the capital of the homonymous province that is located on the Spanish coasts, is internationally known for being a tourist destination with a privileged location. However this location has much more to offer than sunny beaches and natural beauty. Malaga is also a setting for a rich cultural life to develop that little comparison has within Spain itself, and even throughout Europe.

Being such a sought after tourist destination, it is no wonder the city has become one of the friendliest places for seasoned and novice tourists alike. From the entrance to the city through the airport it is easy to realize the comforts that they provide to visitors. It is even quite easy to find Malaga airport transfer services within the terminal itself, although even better prices can be found when you book in advance.


There are plenty of places that you can’t miss during your stay

And it is that you cannot say that you visited Malaga if you did not go through at least two or three of these places.

1) The Alcazaba is a mandatory and emblematic stop in the city. As soon as you see it, you can understand why it is considered an echo of the distant times when the region was under Muslim influence. This functioned both as a fortress-style military building, as well as a residence for noble families of the past.

2) Since you are nearby, you cannot miss the Gibralfaro Castle. Unlike the previous one, this was not a place of residence, but was entirely dedicated to the military trade. This is also an area where you can visit Roman theaters nearby. Although these types of cultural activities have mostly been suspended for the quarantine, it is still possible to see from time to time that some are allowed. It is a matter of staying attentive to social networks.

3) No matter what season of the year it is, Malaga is never cold enough to rule out an afternoon walk along the pier. These spaces are surrounded by parks, pleasant places to walk and small places where you can try local delicacies at quite reasonable prices.

4) Although this point may seem like a plus dedicated to religious people, the truth is whether or not to belong to this belief does not prevent anyone from enjoying the exuberant architectural beauty of the city’s religious buildings. The main one of these would undoubtedly be the Cathedral of Malaga, which is one of the most impressive in all of Europe.