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Money Saving Pizza Tips – Where to Order High-Quality Budget Pizzas in Montreal

by Roberto Chevalier

A single slice of fresh cooked pizzas is enough to explode the delicious taste of veggies, fresh herbs, and cheese in every bite. But who can stop or be satisfied with just a single slice? Well, at least, pizza lovers can’t. Which is why we are listing a few benefits of ordering your favorite pizzas from renowned pizza houses like livraison Double Pizza. They offer a lot of benefits aside from the fact that they have 30 locations in Montreal and Quebec. So, let’s have a look at those benefits that make them one of the best options in Montreal.

  1. They Offer Budget Deals

Being a family run business since 1991, livraison lives to serve their customers in a way that everyone can afford pizza meals. Which is why they offer many pizza combo deals. The best ones are listed below.

  1. The C2 Special – Available for online orders, this deal serves a tempting combo of 2 medium pizzas alongside medium fries and a 2L Pepsi bottle at just 23.99 dollars.
  2. The Hockey Special – Designed as a full meal, this deal for online orders offers 1 large pizza with 3 siders – 8 chicken wings, 1 sauce, and small fries – at just 20.74 dollars.
  3. The Summer Special – Classified as a meal for two, this deal for online orders offers 2 large pizzas with medium fries and 6 bottles of chocolate milk, 237 ml each, at just 27.99 dollars.
  4. The Pick Up Special – Especially cooked for pickup/takeaway orders, this one offers 1 large pepperoni or cheese pizza at just 10.74 dollars and 1 large all-dressed pizza at just 13.74 dollars.
  5. They Offer Loyalty Programs

Their 1 point program for every 5 dollar spent on online orders with them is available for all members who sign up on their website. The benefit? Well, once you collect 30 points, you can use them to buy 1 large all-dressed pizza or 3 pizza toppings.

  1. They Keep Up The Quality Promise

One of the biggest perks of having meals at livraison is that you can be sure that whatever you’re eating is high in quality. They ensure that they maintain such standards by:

  • Using only fresh ingredients to make the meals.
  • Cooking every pizza base fresh, after receiving the order.
  • Packaging the meals in a perfect condition so that the food doesn’t turn cold or saggy.

All in all, pizzas at this pizza house are absolutely worth a try. You can place online orders on their website or call them to place your orders.