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Mexico Now Shines With Puerto Escondido

by Clare Louise

In Mexico, you may descend down a steep cliffside route and emerge into the water to find a quiet cove that is neatly hidden away from the rest of Puerto Escondido. Palm trees along the bay’s perimeter. You may cool yourself from the oppressive heat of a humid day by swimming in Playa Coral’s waters, which is calmer than other beaches in Puerto Escondido. Some time ago, a cyclone slammed into the shore, leaving behind an abandoned hotel that is now overgrown and ready to be explored. The hurricane that blasted onto the coast left this hotel in its wake. After gathering some refreshments, take the cliff walk to the beach at Puerto Escondido and enjoy some time away from the commotion of the city’s more popular beaches. Here are the Things to do in Puerto Escondido.

This Mexican village is frequently likened to Tulum before it became fashionable. Charming without being pretentious. Puerto Escondido on the Oaxacan Coast, like the rest of Mexico, has a rich and storied history that stretches back to the 1500s; nevertheless, the town is more known today for its sandy beaches, barefoot bohemians, and a vibrant nightlife. A few days or a few weeks in this beach community will give you a taste of the Tulum experience without the high costs. We’ve put up a list of the best activities in Puerto Escondido since there are so many options that can be customised to any budget or inclination.

The Puerto Angelito

The most magnificent area of Puerto Escondido’s shoreline may be found at Puerto Angelito, a little harbour sheltered from the Pacific Ocean’s turbulent surf. This is a secure haven for fishing boats and sightseeing boats. At Puerto Angelito, you’ll find a crescent-shaped sand beach. It is surrounded by palm palms, seafood restaurants, and boat tours. First, get a drink and a snack, and then take a boat ride around the coastline. Playa Manzanillo, a beach with golden sands, is situated in the same harbour and is a great place to relax and watch the fishermen go by. When ti

Bacocho Beach

There is no better place in Puerto Escondido if you’re looking to spend a day at a beach club than on the beach with the most sand. This is where the Pacific Ocean’s tremendous waves meet the golden dunes. Trying to find somewhere to sleep tonight? Consider booking a room at one of Puerto Escondido’s most prestigious hotels or, for an even more lavish experience, a resort.

Go Scuba Diving or Snorkeling

Snorkeling is a dream come true in this gorgeous, crystal-clear sea! There are two ways to go snorkelling: You may either take a snorkelling trip, or you can rent snorkelling gear and do out alone.

Because Puerto Escondido’s beaches are mostly sandy, there aren’t many fascinating reefs to explore with a snorkel in the area. Playa Carrizalillo’s rocky outcroppings are accessible at low tide, but use caution since the waves may be harsh and the rocks can be sharp!

This catamaran and snorkel tour out to Huatulco Bay is the greatest choice, in my view. There is a strong probability that you may spot turtles and other marine creatures with the help of a skilled guide. In addition to snorkelling, the Bay of Huatulco and a soothing catamaran sail are also included in your excursion.

As a result, they have a number of hatcheries for turtle eggs to protect them from the sun. As temperatures rise, more females are born, so the shade helps balance the population – but you’ll find out a lot more about that after you arrive!


It’s a pretty cool event that is taken very seriously by the organisers. Before you receive your turtle, you’ll learn all there is to know about them and the significance of this initiative. To ensure a safe discharge, you’ll get step-by-step instructions.