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Key things to know if you are an Indigo Flight Traveller with Special Needs

by Clare Louise

Travelling by airplane has always been one of the difficult journeys for those who have disability issues. Although several arrangements are there, what seems missing is a proper initiative of a seamless travelling experience. However, when it comes to Indigo Airlines, they provide the best assistance for you to travel comfortably. From check-in to boarding and travelling, they ensure that every need of yours is taken care of while you are travelling. So whether it’s your office tour, medical check-up or leisure, you can have comfortable air travel by booking a flight ticket from https://www.intermiles.com/flights at the earliest and reaching the airport an hour before the departure. However, if you are a flight traveller with special needs, arrive 2 hours before so that the additional airport processes can be conducted without any hurry. That being said, here are some key things that you must consider while availing of a flight.

Inform in Advance

If you are a disabled person or is someone with special needs, then do let it know to the reservation staff of Indigo Airlines while booking your flight. Letting them know about your disability in advance will help you in getting their proper services. Additionally, it will also allow you to travel comfortably without facing any unnecessary troubles. You should also notify them about your travel at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight. This will help them in making the necessary arrangements during the time of your check-in and while boarding the aircraft.

Reach before Scheduled Time

You must visit the airport from their home or hotel at least two hours in advance of your flight departure. This will allow you to have the extra time required for going through the various check-in and onboarding process. Do note that due to the Covid-19 situation, more time is required for the security check-in and other formalities for which you must visit the airport before the scheduled time. Arriving before the scheduled time means you will have the extra time to suit yourself with all the necessary arrangements that you have asked for while booking the Indigo Airlines.

Ask for Special Assistance

In the case of those who have a severe learning problem or other issues, can seek personal care service or safety assistants from Indigo Airlines during the time of booking. This will help you in reducing your complexity with issues like getting assistance in the restroom, during the time of safety briefing and in case of an emergency evacuation. Additionally, having a special assistant will be of help to those who cannot perform activities such as fastening seat-belt, putting on lifejackets and using the oxygen mask. Bringing in Special Assistance will also benefit those that are unable to establish any means of communication with the cabin crew while travelling.

Seek for Mobility Assistance

Indigo Airlines offers the wheelchair facility to those who are disabled provided you request for wheelchairs at least 48 hours before your departure. The airline offers wheelchair services from check-in to the boarding gate and you can also use it for reaching the connecting flight. Moreover, their attendants will be there to assist you in pushing your wheelchair. However, note that if you are travelling in your wheelchair, then in that case they will tell you to keep the wheelchair under your supervision. Also, note that if you are using an electronic wheelchair, then you need to carry a battery terminal cap to insulate the battery terminals to avoid damage.

Know the Limits of your Assistive Devices

The carrying of assistive devices is allowed while travelling in Indigo Airlines, however, do consider the fact that there are checked luggage limits. There are weight restrictions imposed on the assistive devices for safety reasons for which you should ensure that the weight of your assistive devices is well within the limit. The assistive devices that can be carried include canes, crutches, walkers, child carriers, manual powered wheelchairs, braces, breast pumps, strollers and POC and CPAP machines. Other than this, if you want to carry any other assistive devices, then you need to contact them for further assistance.

Carry Medical Documents

If you have any sort of disability, then do carry your medical documents with you while travelling. This will allow you to seek help in an emergency. Additionally, disabled persons with special cases must carry on their medical documents while travelling in Indigo Airlines. For instance, any disabled person with psychiatric or emotional disorders needs to carry the doctor’s certificate which is first administered by the health officials and is then allowed based on the condition of the disabled person. Moreover, carrying your medical documents will also help you in avoiding unnecessary troubles.

Considering the above-mentioned points can help you in having a safe and comfortable journey while travelling on an Indigo flight. And now that disability is no more a hindrance to travelling, book your flight ticket now and have a memorable trip to your dream destination.