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Investment Opportunities in Vanuatu

by Daniel Donna

Vanuatu is a developing nation found in the South Pacific Ocean. The country is the only bilingual country in the entire region and has been ranked as the happiest nation on the planet twice. The country has grown to become a popular tourist spot and is home to various financial institutions due to the taxation policies of the government. Thus, Vanuatu is a country with a lot of potentials that still remains untapped, and right and wise investors can make use of the opportunities with proper investment plans. Immigration to Vanuatu is increasing owing to these factors.

The country has favorable conditions for economic growth, is witnessing low and stable inflation, and has well-organized financial systems making it an exceptional site for investment. The government of the country is also supportive of investment especially foreign investments. Further, partnerships and joint ventures are also encouraged and facilitated by the government between local and foreign investors. This article discusses some of the opportunities for investment in Vanuatu.

Real Estate

The real estate sector of Vanuatu is flourishing and has provided good returns on investment. Further, people are investing in real estate to gain immigration of Vanuatu as well leading to demand in the country. The location of the country along with the exciting atmosphere and weather also plays an important role in the real estate industry attracting investors in the sector.

Bars and Restaurants

In the previous decades, Vanuatu has become one of the most exciting tourist spots in the region and the increase in tourism has resulted in the growth of the hospitality industry including restaurants, bars, and resorts. The restaurants and bars are noted for providing the highest per capita income not only in Vanuatu but all over the Pacific.

Given that Vanuatu receives tourists from all over the globe, the restaurants and resorts are diverse presenting all sorts of foods and beverages prepared by the best chefs. Alongside foreign cuisines, local dishes are also popular amongst the tourist who wishes to experience the local culture. The returns on investment in this sector are also high and investment opportunities in restaurants, bars, and resorts are not only numerous but easy as well.


Amongst the most popular tourist attractions in Vanuatu are the waterfronts especially visited and enjoyed by tourists who wish to experience nature and beauty. Here at the waterfronts, numerous resorts are located which provide a variety of facilities including a poolside spa, pool bars, scuba diving, water activities, and other attractive and enticing features for the tourists. This eco-tourist spot is visited by experienced and passionate scuba divers as well.

Waterfronts open an opportunity towards wonders of waters which makes it an exciting spot to invest in. Resorts are available at the waterfronts for both vacation and investment. These are near the capital of Vanuatu, Port Vila. By investing in property such as these waterfront bungalows and reports, one can gain access to citizenship through Vanuatu Residency by Investment. These bungalows can be used by investors for their own living, vacation, or can be rented out as well to regular tourists.

Primary Sector

Apart from the services sector, the economy of Vanuatu is based on the agriculture sector and the government of Vanuatu is encouraging investment in these sectors as well which have untapped potential to explore and exploit. Vanuatu is on the road towards sustainable development following the UN SDGs and thus is transforming its primary sector towards sustainable development as well. Key crops of the country include coconut, kava, coffee, cocoa, and citrus fruits.

Many of the crops ate exported to foreign countries such as kava is exported to the US, Fiji, and other countries. A major chunk of the population of Vanuatu is dependent upon agriculture for living which is why the government is encouraged and facilitating foreign investment in areas of food security and other primary fields.