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How to Plan Your Travel Outfits

by Larry Watson

There isn’t a single person who doesn’t love to travel. The excitement of flying the plane, exploring new places, going on lovely expeditions, having great adventures, and of course collecting memories to cherish for eternity, is what traveling is all about. However, most keen travelers are dreading packing since wearing the cool travel outfits you have set your mind to is just so hard. When you are limited to how many things you can pack and bring, and when the stress starts kicking in, the excitement about traveling you felt earlier can fade away. Luckily, you can effectively plan your travel outfits and look stunning in your travel photos. Here is how!

Opt for neutral clothes for versatile garment options

If you need to pack light, and if you want to make the most out of your journey without worrying about the clothes, the smartest option is to pack neutral clothes. Choose versatile items of clothing that go perfectly with more than one outfit style. For instance, pack one classic denim jeans, and then select a few neutral white, beige, or other plain-colored shirts to match and change regularly. Later, top up the look with fancy jewelry or a black leather jacket as a final touch. The key is to pack plenty of neutral clothes that match well with at least one pair of pants, this is also vital to put weight off the luggage so you can bring back some newly purchased shoes from your travels.

Choose light, but quality fabrics

Imagine traveling to the vast and hot Australia, walking down the glorious Brisbane beaches doesn’t require much clothes, but for those who still wish to look exquisite on the serene beaches, here’s what to do. Pack your favorite swimwear and cotton towel, and instead of packing loads of linen dresses, skits, and summery jumpsuits,check out what wholesale clothing from Brisbane has to offer. Purchasing a few light and quality summer-inspired clothes from the country you chose to go on holiday to would not only serve as a fantastic souvenir gift but also help you ease up your suitcase. Coming with a few clothes and returning with extra new holiday garments and souvenirs is everyone’s dream come true.

Consider the location and weather

One of the easiest ways to meticulously plan your travel outfit is to check the weather for the country of your interest a week before departure and make a detailed plan (literally). Upon confirming the weather, grab the notebook and write two or three perfect combinations that would go for daily, touristy walks, and for those that are perfect for the night out. Also, don’t forget about some of the “location” rules when it comes to travel outfits. In Rome, you need to wear a long dress or skirt and avoid sleeveless shirts when entering the Vatican, for instance, and in some Arab countries, there might be some other imposing clothing rules as well. Hence, it’s pivotal to include the time, location, and cultural differences of the place you are going to.

Determine the purpose of your trip

Sometimes the most practical way to plan your travel outfits is to focus on the purpose of your trip. If you are traveling for business, then you ought to pack one sleek black blazer that would go with smart pants or a skirt, have at least three elegant blouses, and one high heel. If you are traveling for leisure, make sure that you don’t have plenty of bulky, informal clothes, just one pair of casual jeans, a few funky shirts, and a leather biker jacket that goes with everything. White sneakers or Converse shoes are perfect for airport runs and long city walks.

Think about the travel activities

A lot of things may depend on the things you would be doing on your trip and how vital they are. If you are participating in a formal event, you need to make a list of what adequate formal garments to be wearing, and then pack an extra dress or suit, just in case. On the other hand, if you would be going on hikes, or merely relaxing on the beach, then you have to consider the types of clothes that would fit each activity neatly. Lastly, don’t forget about the essentials such as underwear and socks.

Try to place yourself already in your travels and visualize how you would like people to see you around or how you would like to look in the photos and plan your travel outfit accordingly. You won’t make a mistake.