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How to Have the Best Beach Holiday in Mauritius

by Larry Watson

The best beach holiday isn’t just spending a few hours at the beach. It’s made of more than that. Avoiding a long journey to the beach as well as having to pack everything and haul it like a mule are key items to be left out of a fantastic beach holiday. When you rent a villa in Mauritius you’re close to the action. Dip your toes in the water for just ten minutes and saunter back to your luxury villa and have a nap in the hammock on the terrace. If you’re feeling like really soaking up the sun then head to the beach and get yourself a chair and an umbrella and relax the day away. The villa manager will be happy to arrange a car or any reservations you could want.

Poste Lafayette Beach

Located in the picturesque Roches Noires Village on the east coast of the island, this beach is well known for its quiet little coves and a kilometre long lagoon. This beach is definitely a peaceful paradise waiting to be found. Sparkling blue waters and a lush greenery backdrop welcome you to the refreshing ambience far flung from the busy hustle of the city and even some of the other more busy beaches. Truly a once in a lifetime experience that you must try, from the powerful waves and breathtaking scenery to the vast open sky and powder soft sand. This beach is magic!

If you had your fill of the sun and need your fill of some food then there are some great restaurants just up on the main road. Before you leave though, be sure to plan an adventure here. Water sports are a fun and exciting way to enjoy this spectacular wonder of nature. Kayaking, surfing, snorkelling, paddle boarding or even just swimming are some of the many ways to take advantage of this awesome spot. With some friends or family with you this is the best way to have a truly memorable holiday.

Blue Bay Beach

Right in the middle of the Grand Port district in the eastern part of Mauritius, Blue Bay Beach is the go to spot for swimming! Encompassed by Filao trees that form a perfect protective cove, this spot is a secluded paradise. Swimming in deep sparkling blue water while you look onto the glimmering sandy shores will melt all your stresses away. The people here, famously, are the most vibrant and friendly you will ever meet. There is plenty to do other than swimming of course, try your skill at fishing or burn some extra calories with a day out rowing. The marvellous turquoise water coupled with the luxuriant greenery around make for a spectacular view. Some also come here for some of the best yachting and windsurfing around.

Whether you’re here for adventure, a romantic honeymoon or the annual family holiday Blue Bay is a beach that has it all. Don’t forget that here there is also one of the worlds largest marine parks, The Blue Bay Marine Park. There are over forty different types of coral that can be found in these shallow, turquoise waters. Among the coral live around seventy different species of colourful, tropical fish.

Tamarin Beach

The Tamarin Village of Mauritius is a charming village surrounded in a big hug by lush green hills. Being located near the Black River on the west coast gives this beach the unofficial name among locals as The Most Beautiful Beach in Mauritius.

Also called the Surfer Beach because of the mix of the perfect waves and powerful currents. Dal and Black Stone are where to go if you’re looking for the best waves. From time to time dolphins come for a meet and greet and to check out the beach goers. These factors all blend to create an amazingly beautiful beach.

Once you see the stunning turquoise water and serene beauty unspoiled by commercialisation and development you will fall in love. Be sure to stay the whole day because the sunsets here are like nothing you have ever seen. Like something from a romantic movie the sun aligns in the cove and sets on the horizon in just the right way.