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Exhibitions That are Perfect for You

by Clare Louise

Thinking of attending a trade fair? But are you wondering if investing time and money in this event will actually benefit your business? Discover the many benefits that represent participation in a trade show and our advice to help you prepare. The Productronica is a fantastic option.

7 Good Reasons to Attend a Trade Show

81% of large companies consider trade fair media to be effective. This is not surprising given the many advantages of attending a trade show:

  1. Find New Customers

Finding customers is the main objective of exhibitors at a trade show. Indeed, commercial prospecting is facilitated or even optimized since in just a few days you can meet a very large number of French or foreign prospects. In addition, you benefit from the presence of prospects from other participants. You can then attract new customers in a very natural way. In fact, 84% of the companies participating in a trade fair generate turnover thanks to this event. Thus, 17.7 million contracts are signed per year in France at trade shows and trade fairs.

  1. Present New Products

If you are in the process of launching a new product, a trade show is the perfect place to show it off. Here again, the flow of people will allow you to relay the information. However, to stand out and ensure that your innovation holds the attention of prospects and customers, it will be necessary to be creative to set up an original and effective animation. The Productronica exhibition is the best choice.

  1. Forge Partnerships

The trade show has the ability to bring together all the professionals from the national and international market in one place. This is a great opportunity to develop your professional network. You can even forge new partnerships, especially with importers to conquer new markets.

  1. Monitor Your Market, Assess The Competition

During the show, do not hesitate to wander the aisles to discover the various stands. You will then have a global vision of your market, whether in terms of trends or communication. You can carry out real-time market research.

  1. Develop the Notoriety of the Company

Participating in a trade show is also taking your place in the market. Show you that you are present. You can promote your value proposition, which sets you apart from your competition. It is a real springboard to improve your brand image and gain notoriety.

  1. Retain Your Customers

You can also take advantage of your participation in a trade show to reactivate your relationships with your customers. Make an appointment, offer them VIP tickets, etc. You have the opportunity to meet them in a framework that is both professional and less formal than a meeting in your office. They will be delighted to participate in such an event.

  1. Make You Known to the Press

The generalized press and the specialized press will relay the event. Take this opportunity to get interviewed, for example. If you are participating in a presentation or debate, slip in some information about your new product. It is very likely that the information will be picked up by journalists.