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Exclusive Packages of Quad and Buggy Ride from Club Canary to Explore Tenerife

by Roberto Chevalier

Club Canary is a tour firm that provides the most effective things to do in Tenerife. The company is well-known for its 5-star service and extensive experience in planning whale-watching trips, boat rentals, outdoor water activities, and excursions around Tenerife. 

Club Canary focuses on providing activities for tourists in the south of Tenerife, and it caters to those looking for adventure, fun, exploring new locations and meeting locals and new people. 

Club Canary’s motto –

“Live Legendary”: “you only live once, so live it legendary!”

Club Canary is well-known for its excellent service and expertise in arranging Kingdom of Thailand park passes, Jet Ski excursions, quad biking in Tenerife, paragliding, luxury yacht rentals, stargazing, and target-hunting tours to the island. Club Canary has a manned excursion office in Costa Adeje’s Plaza del Duque shopping mall, which provides customer service in English, Spanish, German and Dutch.

All their customers have a lot to say about their exclusive service. Trustindex reviews site gave them 4.9 out of 5 based on the customer reviews, ratings and experiences. 

“Thanks to a nice trip, today we cycled with Mr Bike from El Teide down to Playa San Juan. About 35 km long with sometimes quite a few steep parts and heavy braking. Very nice activity and beautiful spots to admire the view. A delicious lunch at Mirador Chirche (a village built from volcano remains) en route. We did see a big cloud of dust over La Palma.” Says one of their clients on Trustindex. 

Club Canary’s excursion includes various Quad biking and Buggy rides. –

Three Different Quad Adventure

  • 3 hours quad experience on road and watching the sunset from the best spot in Spain. 
  • 4 hours quad safari experience in the thin forest. 
  • Another 4 hours of quad safari where travellers will reach the National Park of El Teide. 

Rent Quad to Drive Off-Road

  • A 90 minutes ATV off-road drive. The trip starts from the southern part of Tenerife and ends in the quad park located in the San Miguel de Abona. 

Off-Road Buggy Excursion

  • One of the best 3 hours nonstop drives. The trip starts from Costa Adeje and continues the on-road trip first covering the tourist places like La Caleta and Puerto Colon. 
  • Later the trip continues with the off-road drive in the Abama location. 

Mount Teide Buggy Excursion

  • Club Canary gives their tourist a privilege to explore the volcano El Teide with a buggy. However, the buggies are not made for off-road trips so this is confined to just one road excavation. 
  • Tourists can choose a 150 km of buggy ride that continues till 4-5 hours, capturing all the beautiful scenic beauty and spots. 
  • The 120 km short buggy trip. Travellers can straight reach the El Teide and walk around the National Park and the Canarian wine farm.
  • The Las Americas buggy ride is the shortest of all 3 rides but still gives a glimpse of all breath-taking views. 

Even if tourists don’t have a driver’s licence, they can rent a quad for Tenerife excursion. They can drive through beautiful regions with the quad. Quad biking is primarily about having a good time and driving cross-country. Due to the amount of labour that is required, renting quads in Tenerife is quite difficult to arrange. However, Club Canary has efficient staff that never disappoints their clients.