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Essential Items to Bring to Your Beach Rental

by Larry Watson


When you’re headed to the beach for vacation, your top priority is to kick back, take a load off and enjoy your time. The last thing you want to be doing is running to the store several times throughout your trip. If you’re staying in a beach house, you might think that most of what you need is included. However, there are some key items you’ll want to bring with you. The goal is to pack enough without going overboard. Here are some packing tips to consider when you’re looking at beachfront rentals North Carolina.


Beach vacations are ideal for doing nothing, but you want to have a little entertainment while you’re relaxing. Magazines and books will ensure you have plenty of reading material for hours spent on the beach. Toys are non-negotiable if you have children in tow. Board games are also great for family time. Bring some new games as well as any stand-bys that you know your crew will love.


You don’t need a lot to adequately stock the bathroom. The most essential item to bring is toilet paper. You could assume that your rental will have at least a roll to get you started, but why take the risk? After a long drive, you don’t want to end up piling back into the car to track down toilet paper. You’ll also want to bring hand soap and body wash. Those hotel toiletries gathering dust in your drawers are perfect for a beach vacation. Just use them up and toss them when you leave.


Most beach rentals will come fully equipped with everything you need for basic meal preparation and serving. To be on the safe side, you can bring some essentials with you. Decide what you need to survive a few days in the kitchen, and toss those in your suitcase. For cleaning, bring disinfectant, paper towels, a dishrag, and dish soap. For cooking, bring a chef’s knife, tongs, and aluminum foil. You might also want to bring sealable plastic bags to store leftover items. You don’t have to buy all of these items new. If you grab a partially full bottle of dish soap or a near-empty roll of foil, you’ll probably run out during your vacation and won’t have to worry about packing them up again.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of items you may need on our vacation, and you could probably do without some of these. When in doubt, check your vendor’s website for more information on what’s included, and make your list from there.