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Cheapest Car Rentals for Travelers in UAE

by Clare Louise

So you have decided where you are staying during your travels. You have also underlined what you need to pack for your travel. Every mishap that could happen, anything you could forget, you have jotted down and created a backup plan. One of those queries lists a problem about how you will be getting around, especially from and to the airport. See, a taxi is reasonable in the latter circumstances but for when you are touring the city? Not so much. A taxi driver will take you where you want to go and back from there. But maybe there is a route that offers a scenery another route does not to the destination. You cannot be sure that the driver will take the more aesthetic route. In that case, a little research and a car at your disposal will take you anywhere you want to go.

For families and people who prefer to drive around themselves during tours, here is the list of cheapest car rentals for those traversing the UAE.

1- Mercedes C-Class

This is a premium option, where you get to drive around and just chill. This Mercedes seats 5 people and it obviously an automatic. You get unlimited mileage in this package and the trunk can fit 2 large bags and 1 small bag. If you cancel before 48 hours of needing the car, you will not be charged. What is even more special is that there is a damage waiver of AED 3,531.65 deductible. So any damages that lie within this range will not be charged from your pocket. Other tourists also prefer this car for its fuel policy. Use the Booking.com discount code to avail discounts on your rental!



2- Kia Picanto

A car that is small and does its job of taking you around is the Kia Picanto. It seats five people and is an automatic vehicle. The trunk of the car carries one large bag and one small bag. Don’t worry about paying the cancellation fee if you cancel before the 48 hours you have booked it for. What is more is that there is a collision damage waiver with AED 3,027.13 deductible automatically insured on the car considering any hits or scratches (within reasonable limits). The fuel policy is also the most famous amongst travelers and the counter staff is said to be very helpful too.

3- Toyota Corolla

A larger car than Kia Picanto, preferred by families, is the Toyota Corolla. The mileage is unlimited, and the car seats five people. The trunk can carry one large bag and one small bag. The car is easy to drive and maneuver as it is an automatic. Customers have rated it 6.9 out of 10 and its fuel policy is also the most popular amongst the larger sized cars. For the value it is given at, you get a lot of benefits! Undoubtedly, the customer satisfaction comes first. There are also child seats available for toddlers and little kids if needed. It does not get better and cheaper than this so go and quickly make your booking!