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4 Signs You Should Sign Up For Korean Lessons In Singapore

by Larry Watson

Korean media and culture have taken the world by storm—leaving many nations obsessing over Korean-made music, TV series, and movies. Numerous individuals also developed an appreciation for Korean food, wardrobe, and tourist spots. Some even dared to take a Korean course in Singapore to speak the language of one of the most famous nations today.

Studying ‘hangugeo’ through Korean classes in Singapore can be daunting due to its complex-looking alphabet and perplexing vernacular. However, many language experts claim that Korean is easier to learn than Chinese or Japanese. ‘Hangugeo’ is not a tonal communication system. No matter how awful your pronunciation is, many of its words will have a single meaning.

But how can you tell if now is the perfect time to take Korean lessons in Singapore? Scroll through to learn about the four signs indicating your need to study the language.

1. You Want To Watch K-Dramas Without Subtitles

Reading subtitles while watching the characters’ expressions can be too much for your eyes and stop you from enjoying Korean dramas. But if you want to stop using translated text to understand whatever Korean-made series or movie you watch, you should consider enrolling in Korean classes in Singapore.

2. Your K-Pop Bias Will Have A Concert In Singapore

After more than two years of concert scarcity in the city-state, more and more Korean artists and music groups have returned to Singapore to perform for loyal fans like you. If you want a more enjoyable time at your favourite Korean musician’s upcoming concert, take basic Korean language lessons for beginners that will allow you to understand their songs, jokes, and messages during their performance.

3. You Plan On Visiting Korea Soon

Your trip to Korea will be more enjoyable if you learn the Korean alphabets, words, and phrases. Taking such classes will allow you to ask locals for directions, confidently place your orders at restaurants, or even negotiate at traditional markets.

4. You Want To Study Or Work In Korea

Taking Korean lessons is not only for leisure. You can sign up for these language classes if you plan to expand your educational and professional experiences by studying or working in one of the most popular countries in Asia.

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