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3 most popular festivals in Uruguay

by Roberto Chevalier

Uruguay has a cultural origin from the rural and folk traditions of the gaucho culture of the colonial era. The festivals show part of this history of Creole roots and offer diversity of traditions and entertainment in all its activities. The Paraguayans love to celebrate all these things and for that celebrations are made throughout the year. Folklore is the basis of all festivals in Uruguay, for its cultural content that shows a repertoire of Uruguayan traditions; this is the country of cultural manifestations.

These regions of America are very patriotic, festive and happy; they take great pride in promoting the culture of their regions and greatly enhance their history, culture and traditions through different activities that are planned in these events. The festivals are very marked with great expectation nationally and internationally for their musical cultural content and other arts.

Fiesta de la Patria Gaucha (March 12-17)

The gaucho homeland is the name of the festival that is held every year between March and April, a little before Easter, during these dates the Uruguayan gaucho traditions are celebrated and cultural activities are developed, including music, dance, theater, dance, literature, fairs and exhibitions of books and plastic arts, among others.

These celebrations represent part of the popular culture of the nation and have a very broad trajectory in which it has years of experience showing the traditions and culture to the inhabitants and people of other countries. It is a recognized festival in the country and internationally, since it has foreign guests who show their talent to the Uruguayan comes to observe the talent of the country.

Uruguay has festivals in all the regions in which they manifest their traditions through the Uruguayan folklore and culture that has meaning in its history and origin of the country. Every year there is a list of events that are held to celebrate different dates in honor of events, commemorations, holidays, among others. When passing through Uruguay at some of these dates is a reason to admire some of these celebrations that are made throughout the year, in which there are cultural expressions that are made with activities such as music, dance, dance, and more.

For example, the carnival is part of the most famous festivals in Uruguay, highlighted by its great shows and parades in the streets of Uruguay, if it comes to come in February, it is sure to get these festivals in progress and admire part of the traditions of this nation. The festival of the gaucho homeland is a cultural heritage of events that show the traditions from the origin to the modernity that Uruguay has developed. It is a country rich in culture, which has many important traditions that make the inhabitants have a fascinating talent and way of life.

Walking through the main streets of Uruguay in time of celebrations and meeting some event means knowing a little about the history of the country and participating in some of these activities that are of great interest to learn more about other countries.

Olimar Festival (March-April)

This festival takes place on the banks of the Olimar River in March / April during holy weeks, which is also known as the week of tourism due to its influx of visitors. It is one of the most important folk festivals in Uruguay because of its cultural interest and because it takes place on dates of great concurrence, on the part of inhabitants, visitors from neighboring cities and tourists who come from abroad. Cumbia music is very popular in these celebrations, also the participation of other artists and musical genres.

Bands, musical groups and orchestras make their show these days as part of the music and talent exhibition. The appearances of folk groups to show part of the cultural traditions of the region and promote the history of Uruguay embodied in art such as music, dance theater.

The Olimar Festival is a great folkloric representation for its long trajectory that has been making shows about the culture of the country. Here it shows off the worst artists that Uruguay has, and it is one of the most anticipated events of the year, due to its popularity in the inhabitants who aspire to see these dates arrive. Culture is an important factor in all countries and its activities are developed in all sectors, since music is a fundamental part of this.

This festival is very popular for the shows of musical talents, singing, dancing, and more. Also, the plays in which there are representations of history and with social interest to promote history of Uruguay. The Olimar Festival shows a lot of Uruguayan cultural diversity, as it passes through the streets of Uruguay at times of celebrations, it is sure to be able to enjoy a festive, fallen and happy atmosphere.

The people are very friendly and show artistic interest and emotions to the visitors. One of the most important activities at festivals is the appearance class of musical artists, but there are also opportunities to learn more about culture and history through the events of talks and dynamic workshops in various sections within the show

Beer Week (March-April)

Other show of the year is the beer festival; this shows a selection of the best beers in Uruguay, showing types of artisan beers and traditional and alternative methods of making the drink. This festival is held every year between March and April in Holy Week, also called the week of tourism, in an amphitheater near the banks of the Uruguay River. It is a very important festival in Uruguay and in other parts of the world of the alcoholic beverage manufacturing industry. Uruguay focuses on showing artisanal works and traditional techniques that have produced the best beers in the world for several decades.

Many people carry their samples, brands, companies and individuals offer their drinks in an exhibition that lasts several days. Beer lovers and the general public buy and taste the best beers offered during the festival. Visit Uruguay at this time and know about the festival is an excellent way to try a Uruguayan beer and compare flavors and opportunities for people who love beers will be very delighted to know the beers of this country and try an alternative taste of these areas of America.

Beer is a very popular alcoholic beverage all over the world with many types of elaboration and preparation method that consists in appreciating several cultivation techniques among other activities typical of the industry. Uruguay has this festival that offers everything from the sale of beverages, to exhibitions of new flavors, craft drinks and also offers talks and craft preparation courses, among other interesting activities that are useful if you are in Uruguay for these important dates.

Fascinating drinks samples such as beer will make the trip during these dates an incredible one of spending days in Uruguay. This country has one of the best craft beers in the world, and skilled artisans who help to learn the elaboration of these beverages to visitors. It will be an excellent trip and a great alternative of activities to enjoy and learn new things.

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List of other major festivals

  • January – Jazz Festival to the Street in Mercedes, Opening parade of Carnival in Montevideo, Festival of San Gregorio of Polanco in Tacuarembó, Colonia Week.
  • February – Feast of Iemanjá on all the beaches of the country, Parade of Calls in Montevideo, Official Contest of Carnival in Montevideo, Parade of Calls of Durazno, Carnival of Artigas, Carnival of Rivera.
  • March – Harvest Festival in Canelones, Maldonado, Durazno, Montevideo, Party of Patria Gaucha in Tacuarembó, Mate Festival in San José and Rocha.
  • March / April – Tourism Week: Criollas of Roosevelt Park (metropolitan area of ​​Montevideo), Creole Week in the Prado of Montevideo, Olimar Festival, Beer Week in Paysandú, Creole Week of Río Negro
  • April – Festival of Mines and April in Lavalleja, Honey Party in Florida, Lascano Folklore Festival, Rocha.
  • May – Mayan Fiestas at the Piedras, Cannelloni, Milk Festival in Florida, Festival of the Vendimia Villa Rodríguez in San José, Procession of San Isidro Labrador (all the country).
  • June – Festival of Tannat and the Lamb in Canelones, Montevideo and Maldonado, Artigas Birthday Party in Sauce, Canelones, Melo Week in Cerro Largo, Hogueras of San Juan in Montevideo and Rocha
  • July – Fiesta del Dulce in Colonia, Procession of the Virgen del Carmen, Anniversary of the San Javier Foundation in Río Negro.
  • August – Rice Festival in Cerro Largo, Night of Nostalgia in the whole country, Parade of the 25 of August in Artigas; Folkloric Festival Declaration of Independence in Cologne
  • September – Expo Prado in Montevideo, Book Fair in Montevideo, Meeting with the Patriarch in Paysandú, March of Diversity in Montevideo
  • October – Heritage Day in the whole country, Jabalí Week in Aigúa, Maldonado, Movida Joven in Montevideo, Lavalleja Week, French Toast Festival in Canelones
  • November – Bierfest in Nueva Helvecia, Festival of the Heavy Lamb in Durazno, Festival of Colonia Valdense, Festival “Abrazo del Solís Grande” in the departmental limit between Maldonado and Canelones.
  • December – National Day of Candombe in Montevideo, National Festival of Mate in Rocha, Festival of Wood in Piedras Coloradas, Paysandú, Virgin of Itatí in Villa Ansina, Tacuarembó, International Festival of Folk Dance.