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Zazu Jeep Campers for your perfect gateway

by Clare Louise
Zazu Jeep Campers

Converted campervan with four sleeping berths and all the necessary utilities for creating unforgettable memories. Each position in Zazu Jeep Campers, including the driver’s seat, passenger seats, and R&R bed, is extremely comfortable.

The galley is equipped with everything necessary for a luxurious camping experience, including dishes, pots, and pans. There is a functional stove and sink, as well as ample storage space, flatware, plates, and cups.

It is an excellent option for weekend getaways as well as extended excursions with the family.

In addition to curtains and a blackout front screen wraparound cover, these features make the van an ideal place to spend the night dozing. Additionally, the vehicle’s side and rear windows have opaque coverings.

Because it is elevated above a vehicle, it is easy to operate and provides superior views.

The fundamental elements

  1. The minimum age for employment is 25.
  2. A valid certificate is needed to operate a motor vehicle. Animal companions are permissible.
  3. Sleeps 4 inside the van
  4. The van’s transmission is manual.
  5. There are five seat belts available in the van.
  6. The van has a length of 15 feet and a height of 7 feet.

2 day minimum hire

  1. It is prohibited to travel off-road.
  2. Additional information can be found here.
  3. A 5-meter-long solar canopy and a 5-meter-long windbreak are included to expedite the tent’s assembly.
  4. A night warmer, a radio with a touch screen and bluetooth connectivity, a 13 kilogram gas container, and a portable bluetooth speaker are included.

– Included is a full gas container – Volkswagen T4 2.4L Diesel

– Leisure battery and Split Charger – Five-person travel with four berths

– Connection for electricity from the exterior

– Dual-burner gas stove

– Front bench seating that rotates and converts into a double bed

– Abundant stowage space for all of your camping necessities (the essentials are included)

Hiring rules Urgent:

Stop the vehicle immediately if any of the dashboard’s engine warning lights illuminate. In the event of an accident, pull over to the side of the road, remain calm, and call Camplify at the following number:

0330 808 1811; call the number of the provider of the breakdown service you were provided; or contact me!

If there is damage, you are required to notify it immediately with specifics regarding who caused it, what type of damage it was, where and when it occurred.

Prior to the renter’s return, the restroom must be cleansed.

When returning the vehicle, it must be thoroughly cleaned and organized.

Diesel fuel tank must be full upon return; if the tank is not returned in its original condition of fullness, additional fees may apply.

There is a zero-tolerance smoking policy

To ensure that all parties are aware of the van’s condition before and after the rental, we will perform a comprehensive exterior and interior inspection.

Unlimited mileage on the British mainland

Please abide by all traffic limits, 60 mph on dual carriageways, and parking regulations. If the renter already possesses a trailer and has the proper license to operate it, a trailer may be added to the rental vehicle. (The renter is solely responsible for paying all penalties, including those for speeding, parking, being towed, and release fees.)

These documents must match the driver’s address and be dated within three months of the date of hire.