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Why Is Thailand The Spot For The Best Carp Fishing? 

by Larry Watson

Want to go Carp fishing? Then why are you looking for other places when you can have the best experience in Thailand. 

Thailand is known as the “Land of the Giants” when it comes to carp fishing. Carp are famous for their tenacious character, but picture going up against a fish the magnitude of a heavyweight boxer. This is Carp Fishing Thailand.

Thailand is home to several of the biggest carp species on the planet. In Thailand, carp fishing equipment and tactics revolve around the technique feeder, which comes in various forms ranging from homemade electronic circuit gadgets to handmade plastic molded Western carp fishing method feeders. 

Wheat mixes or rice flour, called in Thai as (Lum), are commonly utilized as feeder lures.

Thailand: A Wonderland For Fishing 

Small polystyrene or rubber spheres surfaced on hair rigs are now the most popular hook-baits for carp fishing Thailand. The carp eating on the ground bait unintentionally pull them in, trapping themselves in the procedure.

Another large one is the Rohu (Labeo rohita), commonly known as Indian Carp, prized by several Thai and foreign fishermen and a popular food fish in many Asian nations. In Thailand, several minor carp varieties, including the Common carp, do not develop to the same dimensions as their European counterparts.

Top Carps For Carp Fishing Thailand 

  • Big Head Carp 

The bighead carp was first brought to Thailand and has since spread around the country. Plankton is the major food source for bighead carp. Plah Jīn is a Thai name that is said to be derived from the Thai language’s colloquial word for China. 

The big head is frequently ignored by fishermen visiting Thailand since it does not grow as huge as its relative, the Siamese giant carp.

However, this fish is just as strong a competitor and will put your abilities to strain.

  • Common Carp 

The original Common carp was found throughout the Danube’s interior estuary, all the way to the Black Sea. Ever since, it’s been brought to every island except Antarctica and nearly every nation globally, either on the intention for nutrition and sports or by mistake. As a meal fish, common carp is globally famous. 

  • The Rohu 

The Rohu (Labeo rohita) or Indian carp is prevalent in Thailand’s rivers, and it is also supplied in several fishing parks and resorts. Worms and traditional carp fishing tactics that works in Thailand. 

  • Catla Catla 

This variety sometimes referred to as the Indian carp, is rather abundant in fishing tourist destinations. Wheat and cornmeal mixtures, as well as bugs, can be used to catch them. If you’d like to catch one of them or do carp fishing Thailand, then in a Thai-type reservoir in which there is catfish mayhem, it will be more efficient to attempt the calmer sections of the river.