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When and why should travel Dubai from CHENNAI

by Roberto Chevalier

Are you planning to travel to Dubai from Chennai? That’s great, let us give you some information that will help you plan your trip a little better. Are you ready to know more? Let us get straight into the details.

A Brief Overview Of Dubai

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Dubai is a fabulous city that welcomes tourists from all over the world with open arms. The vibrant charm of the city makes you feel at home instantly. As a tourist, you will have access to the finest options of tourism. In Short, your time in Dubai will be a memorable one.

Reasons To Travel To Dubai From Chennai

There is no direct flight from Chennai to Dubai but connecting flights are available. The best affordable way to travel to Dubai from Chennai is to take flight from Chennai International Airport to Abu Dhabi. Once landed in Abu Dhabi then its hardly 1 hr 30 min distance to reach Dubai.  Here are our top reasons why you should visit Dubai from Chennai. Have a read

  1. Fabulous Historical Tours

You may have heard that Dubai is just a modern city with a modern lifestyle, but that is not true. The city has its share of historical sites too, which you must visit if you want to understand the origins of the UAE. You can visit sites such as Hadid Museum, Bithnah Fort, Al Maktoum House, Heritage Village, and Al Fahidi.

2. Fabulous Beaches

If you are a person who loves spending time at beaches, you are in for a treat as Dubai is blessed with many beautiful beaches. The good thing is that a lot of them are free, you can head there and have a nice quiet time there. If you are traveling with your family then organize a small picnic on the beach and watch the sunset afterwards. If you love water sports then most beaches can provide you with many options for an extra charge.

3. Great Nightlife

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Dubai is a very vibrant and festive city and it has many swanky nightclubs that will leave you breathless with its music, food, and drinks. If you do not want to step into a nightclub then you can go for a dinner cruise, this is another way to celebrate the nightlife in Dubai. Also, do consider throwing in a fancy dinner at some upmarket restaurant in your schedule.

4. Gold Market

Dubai is very famous for its gold market and so you must travel to this city to see what the hype is all about. Fortunately, the gold market lives up to the hype that has been following it for years, which is why it is a popular tourist attraction for people all over the world.

5. Entertainment For All Ages

Yes, that’s right, Dubai offers a plethora of options when it comes to entertainment. The city is blessed with many theme parks and tour operators that organize adventurous tours for you. When you choose the right Dubai packages from Chennai then you can explore several places in short duration including  water parks, theme parks, desert safari, water activities and much more.

6. Enjoy Desert Adventures

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You can opt for many desert adventures such as a desert safari or a hot balloon ride. These activities will give you the chance to explore the desert like never before. You simply need to book your slots online and the tour operator will take it from there.

7. Dubai Shopping Festival

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If you are planning to visit during the winter then you are going to have access to this wonderful festival, where you can avail fantastic discounts on items from premium brands. If you love shopping this is one of the strongest reasons for you to visit Dubai.

When Should You Visit Dubai

If you wish to experience pleasant climatic conditions then you should visit during the winter months, but you should also be warned that the city is filled with tourists at this time and the hotel and airfare can be very expensive.

If you want to visit during a time when you do not have to pay high hotel tariffs or airfare, then you should consider visiting during the summer months. The summer in Dubai is a lean period for tourism. You should also keep in mind that the temperatures are soaring during this time so you may not be able to participate in many outdoor activities.

There is no doubt that Dubai is a great city to visit and you are going to have a wonderful time here. So, fix a date and get ready to have the time of your life.

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