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What must you do when you visit Kundasang?

by Simon watson
What must you do when you visit Kundasang

Kundasang is a place you can find in Malaysian Borneo, known for leisure travelers. It is a town in the state of Sabah at the foot of Mount Kinabalu, the tallest mountain and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The place is handled to make a name of its own, and it attracts more tourists every year. A trip Kundasang Sabah is ideal for those searching for culture, scenery, and Malaysian delicacies.

Climb the mountain

Some adventurous travelers like to climb Mount Kinabalu, which is at the top of their list. The mountain has its utmost peak in southeast Asia, which is breathtaking at first glance and best for those who like adventures. Trekkers will have two days to reach the mountain, known as a moderate climb. When you don’t have trekking experience, training yourself before climbing the hill is best.

Check the Sably Goat Haven

It would help if you visited Ranau, where you will meet friendly goats where you can get the freshest goat milk. You can bring your kids and allow them to feed, play and milk the baby goats. You can also try milking the goats for fun, where you can experience it. Once you are done, you can relax and drink fresh goat milk or walk to a nearby café to try their milk-based products.

Stroll in Spring Garden Mesilou

Spring Garden shows beautiful flowers that bloom all year. You will enjoy as visitors the gardens and the landscape with the views of Mount Kinabalu. It is the best place for you to spend a relaxing and quiet time to be with nature. When you like to experience a small hike to the river, there is a short trail that is doable for everyone.

Visit Kundasang War Memorial

When you learn about the history of the place, it is the best way to know the local culture and its heritage. The best way to do this is to visit the Kundasang War Memorial, which is in the heart of the town. It was to honor the Australian and British prisoners of war that died during death marches from Sandakan to Ranau during the Second World War. The memorial honor the native population of the place that suffered and sacrificed their lives to help Allied forces. It shows by the four peaceful gardens on the monument grounds. The gardens offer the site not for the walks but the remembrance and reflection to honor the heroes that died for your future.

The weather in Kundasang has a tropical climate with different amounts of rainfall in a year. The average temperature is 21 degrees which is good for the place. Because of its good weather, the area sees many local and international tourists annually. The best weather in Kundasang will look like you can get to the destination in any month of the year. But there are some places you can think about the best time to visit, from January to April. These months have less rainfall, allowing you to explore the area.