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Travel Tips: The Do’s and Don’ts When Visiting Rome

by Daniel Donna

Rome is such a majestic city. You can never get bored in Rome as there are a lot of things and activities that you can do in the eternal city. Among sightseeing spots that you can enjoy in Rome are the architectural structures that are dated around 2,000 years ago such as the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Spanish Steps and the Roman Forum. Rome is also oozing with beautifully designed churches like The Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. You may also enjoy looking at the enchanted works of art of the ancient artists like Michelangelo’s famous paintings of “The Creation and The Last Judgment” in the ceilings of Sistine Chapel. It doesn’t matter whether it is a park, a monument, a fountain,  a street, a square, a structural building or just a ruin, one thing is for sure, each would seem to be astounding that the other.

To make your Rome adventure a lot more fun, here are some do’s and don’ts that you may include in your list.

  1. Do not buy a cone of ice cream on streets unless you have asked for the price first. You may be surprised if you will be charged a daunting 5x price per cone. To play safe, you may try buying an ice cream from a nearby shop instead.
  2. Do not ride on unmarked and illegal taxis. They charge a way too higher than the authorized ones. Paying taxis for a fixed rate won’t be that desirable either. They usually charge twice the price. Do ride on a metered and authorized taxi, usually the ones painted with white.
  3. Do get your euros from the ATM. Never ever entertain money changers that you can meet along the streets which offers a good exchange rate, they usually ask for a 10 % commission per money exchange. If you can’t find an ATM in the vicinity, find a money changer shop instead. There are plenty of legitimate money changer shops around every corner in Rome.
  4. Do pay attention to your money and personal belongings. Just like any other places, there are also a lot of pickpockets that are roaming around Rome. These pickpockets mostly thrive in very crowded places. Well, almost every spot in Rome is crowded, so you can expect pickpockets anywhere. With this, you must always keep an eye to your valuable personal belongings. 
  5. Do wear appropriate clothes. Whether you are planning to visit churches or not, it is always safe to wear appropriate clothing. Avoid wearing super-short shorts and tube tops even during hot summer.
  6. Do bring a scarf always especially when you are planning to visit churches. Most of the churches in Rome are observing proper dress code. A scarf to cover the shoulders and knees is enough. Generally, covering of shoulders, knees and midsections is applicable for both men and women.
  7. Do bring with you a sneaker or comfortable walking shoes. Beautiful sightseeing spots are just like chains in Rome, and the best way to enjoy them is by walking. Expect a long day of walking tour around Rome. With this, it would help best if you wear your walking shoes to avoid strains and foot ache.
  8. Do bring a bottle of water always. You may be surprised paying for a bottle of water that is as expensive as your room rate. 
  9. Do book your hotel accommodation ahead of time. There is no such thing as low peak in Rome. With this, you can expect that most of the hotels are always fully booked. To avoid ending up sleeping on the frowzy room or, worse, on streets, it is wise to have your hotel booked ahead of time.
  10. Do not just take pictures with the costumed gladiators that you can see outside the Colosseum. They may be lovely to photograph at but they may as well ask for a penny per photo. With this, be sure to ask permission first and ask if how much customary fee do these costumed gladiators charge. A lot of tourists find themselves inside a trap, taking photographs and end up handing no less than five Euros per photo. 

Certainly, Rome offers a lot, from simple to five star hotels, from sumptuous traditional to modern cuisines, and from affordable local to signature brands shopping. Nightlife in Rome is likewise as enjoyable as day time. With a large number of discos, bars and restaurants to choose from, you can never help but hop from one place to another.