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Travel from Jakarta Airport (CGK) to The City Cheaply and Easily

by Roberto Chevalier

Is this your first time to Jakarta? Regardless of how to go to the city without getting the scammed in Jakarta airport? Don’t worry. We will explain everything that you will need to understand. So before we start, you want to know there are two airports in Jakarta. First, Soekarno Hatta (CGK), which is the only metropolitan airport. Second, Halim Perdana Kusuma (HLP), which was an airport that does not have some commercial flights, however, since January 2014 it does.

If you visit Jakarta from outside Indonesia, you may arrive at Terminal 2 or 3 Soekarno Hatta Airport. The same is correct whenever you fly Garuda Indonesia, the national airline, which operates worldwide and domestic flights. Should you take an airline like Lion Air Sriwijaya Air, or Xpress Air, you will arrive at Terminal 1 or Terminal 2.

Jakarta Airport is quite large, and it got a shiny new Terminal 3, but it is still very crowded. After passing through immigration and amassing all your luggage, you will depart the terminal. Chances are individual touts will notice that you are a tourist due to your bags.

How to Get from Jakarta Airport to the City?

Before that, this is the warning. Jakarta traffic is so bad. Whatever form of transport you are taking, expect to shell out time trapped in a traffic jam. You are going to invest at least 90 minutes stuck out of Jakarta in the traffic to get the ride to the airport. If you’re transiting through Jakarta or spending just one night in the city, we would recommend choosing a hotel near Jakarta Airport. The best budget resort near Jakarta airport is Ibis Budget Jakarta. For mid-range, Jakarta Airport Hotel is recommended by us. It had been recently refurbished, this kind of good thing is now at Terminal 2. The luxury hotel close to the airport is currently Bandara International Hotel. For a single traveller you need to assess the Digital Airport Hotel, it is situated in Terminal 3 Ultimate, also it is a hotel. They have the choice for 6 hours rental, which is an excellent deal for a gentleman who is looking to have a short break before or after a flight.

By Train

The authorities of Jakarta have just completed the process of constructing a high-speed rail connection into the city’s middle. The airport railway opened in December 2017 and has established a hit with locals and tourists so far. The train will stop at Soekarno-Hatta, Batuceper (BPR), Sudirman Baru/Stasiun BNI City (BNC), and Bekasi station. Later they likely contain Duri and Manggarai. Be mindful that, although trains run for the majority of the day, they are not 24-hour.

By Soekarno-Hatta Airport (BST) the very first train is 06:20 am, and the last one is currently at 11:20 pm. From Sudirman Baru (BNI), the first train departs at 3:21 am, and the previous one at 10:51 pm. It takes about an hour to ride from Sudirman Baru/Stasiun BNI City (BNC) to the airport. Tickets cost Rp70,000 (airport into Sudirman Baru; price/person one way) and can be bought at the station or through the Railink Program, or on the internet.

To get a comparison, from Sudirman Baru into the airport, if you are taking a cab, the journey will take around 1,5 hour (moderate traffic). It will cost around Rp 150,000 if some of you are planning to go to Bekasi. The schedule choices aren’t as far as the one. The ticket is Rp 100,000 per individual (one way).

By Taxi

I’ll write this on the assumption that you want to visit Jakarta Selatan, that can be a 90-minute trip. Bearing this in mind, here are: The first option is to go by taxi, which will cost you Rp. 150,000 – Rp. 200,000 (auto argometer starts at Rp. 7,500). We’d suggest taking Bluebird (blue colour ), Express (white colour ) Taxiku (yellowish tint) or Gamya cottage (green colour), as they are the most reliable cab businesses. Everybody understands this, which means you will likely have to queue. You may spot the taxi counter. By the way, if you’re a group of 4, we would suggest sharing the expense of a taxi instead of taking a bus.

By Damri Bus

The other choice you have, which is the least expensive option is to use the Damri bus, which will charge Rp40,000. The final Damri bus to Jakarta is around 00:30 am. You wish to choose the one that belongs to Gambir (Gambir is a train station). The first bus from Gambir into the airport would be currently at 3:00 am (3 am-9 pm; every 30 minutes or 1 hour).

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