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Top tips for your Cabo San Lucas vacations

by Clare Louise

Located on the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula, Los Cabos San Lucas has a lively atmosphere that attracts many tourists all year. Desert dunes, rocky coasts, and a magical sea where sunshine reflects golden colors. If you’re about to travel to this marvelous destination, take note of some top tips to have the best experience!

  1. Arriving at the Airport

After a long flight, you’ll probably be exhausted. One of the best ways to make your arrival at Los Cabos Airport as smooth as possible is to book a private transfer. However, getting a taxi from the airport to your hotel can be costly, so a Cabos airport shuttle is the best option for you.

  1. What to do in Los Cabos San Lucas

Los Cabos has a lot to offer; you can find diverse activities and attractions to visit in this city. Have a great time on its beautiful beaches while watching the sunset; go on a boat trip to know the magnificent Arco de Cabo San Lucas; try diverse water activities just like kayak, jet ski, and more; have a gastronomical experience in downtown, or go shopping in the best malls inside the city like Luxury Avenue Los Cabos or Plaza Puerto Paraiso. There’s always so much to do!

  1. Moving through the city

Whenever your plan is if you want to visit the surrounding area, avoid using a taxi service at all costs. It can make you spend a lot of money during your trip, and you’ll present some limitations while touring. On the other hand, there are buses, which are an affordable option but unfortunately, they run about every 20 minutes or more at specific hours, making you waste a lot of time waiting.

Instead, the best option is to get a car rental Cabo San Lucas. It’ll give you enough freedom to travel anytime and anywhere you want without worrying about safety and time.

  1. Get into the party life safely

Cabo San Lucas is also known for being a good place for partying. There are plenty of options to enjoy the party life: Party tours in bars, discos, and pubs, even on boats! Also, remember to be careful while drinking, even more, if you’re planning to drive.

  1. What currency you should use

Usually, prices are in pesos Mexicanos, even though American dollars are a prevalent payment method. We recommend you have both options to buy anything you want while traveling to this destination.

  1. What is the ideal time for visiting Los Cabos

It’s always a good idea to travel between December and March. During those months, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the whale-watching season. Just keep in mind that if you decide to travel in winter, you’d be ready and bring a warm jacket because the nights are really cold (14ºC approx).

Otherwise, if what you search for are low prices and good weather, we recommend programming your trip in May or June. During these months, peak season is almost over, and the temperature is warm but pleasant.

This magical destination with an idyllic panorama is waiting for you. No matter what time of the year, Los Cabos San Lucas is always a good idea!