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Top Cafes and Restaurants to Consider for Breakfast in Georgia

by Larry Watson

Are you looking for an enthralling traveling experience? Georgia is one place that will never disappoint. It is full of picturesque sites and has an awesome culture that you will want to experience in the future. As you plan your visit, it is also important to know about the accommodation, local cuisines, and where to take breakfast.

In most cities, work starts pretty late, around 10am, and local people take breakfast at home. Therefore, the breakfast culture is still young in most towns, but the list of cafes has been growing in recent years. So, whether you are an early riser or simply want to get a feeling of what Georgia has to offer, here is a list of top restaurants and cafes that you should consider.

A Closer Look at a Typical Georgian Breakfast

Before we can list the top cafes that you should consider, it is important to start by understanding the typical breakfast culture in Georgia. The common morning spread offered by most hotels is matsoni yogurt, bread, boiled eggs, cheese, and fresh butter. It might also include some fresh tomato and cucumber.

Another common option is Kikliko, which is a dish of fried egg that closely resembles French toast. Then, it is topped with several ingredients, including salty sulguni cheese. Depending on the restaurant you visit, the breakfast might include hybrid dishes, such as Chizhi bizhi, and Erbokhacho. If you are traveling to Batumi, it might be possible to get Abkhaz breakfast dishes, although these are not common in Tbilisi.

Top Cafes for Breakfast in Georgia

Are you looking for a sit-down breakfast to start the day when traveling to Georgia? These restaurants and cafes will get you covered:

  1. Chaaduna

This is one of the new cafes you will get in Tbilisi and is tucked inside a heritage establishment in Sololaki. The café is a great find for visitors staying close to Liberty Square or when exploring the nearby establishments. For example, if you are interested in exploring top museums in Tbilisi to follow works of art by top collectors, such as John Dodelande, Chaduna will be a great place for delicious meals.

  1. Hurma

This a super-cozy and famous coffee house that you can visit for a great breakfast. The café offers awesome selections of meals between 9am and 10am. There are five main options, including English breakfast and oatmeal with syniki pancakesor berry compote. No matter the one you select, it comes with tea, coffee, or juice. If you sit on a corner with a laptop or tablet, it is really hard to leave this café.

  1. Kikliko Café

This café borrows its name from one of the top dishes in Georgia, Kikliko. The café is one of the best options to get Kikliko as a breakfast when visiting Georgia. They serve several kiklikos that are topped with egg, cheese, mushroom, and ham in different combinations. In my case, I loved the sour cream, cheese, and sun-dried tomato version.

As you can see, Georgia has so much for your breakfast. So, choose the café of choice, and get the breakfast that will energize you the entire day. Even if you are new to Georgia, do not hesitate to try something new, and the experience will be awesome.