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Top 4 Taipei Travel Attractions

by Roberto Chevalier

Taipei offers numerous attractions for visitors to explore, including temples, museums, teahouses, night markets and Elephant Mountain for an outstanding view of the city and Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall visit.

For something truly quirky and unconventional, visit Ximending, Taiwan’s hub of pop culture and alternative lifestyle. Here, your senses are assaulted with everything from goth ‘Lolitas’ to toilet-themed cafes! Cathay Pacific flights are right now available on several routes for easy access, including Bangalore to Taipei

Taipei 101

Taipei 101 stands as both one of Asia’s highest skyscrapers and world tallest buildings, as well as boasting spectacular views that attract travelers worldwide. Alongside panoramic vistas of Taipei cityscape, visitors will also find much to explore at the top of Taipei 101 including an art gallery!

The tower was inspired by bamboo and Chinese feng shui in its design. The stepped shape resembles that of a pagoda while the green glass gives a more natural aesthetic. Built to withstand an earthquake of magnitude 9, its design includes double-deck elevators which take visitors all the way up to its 89th floor within 37 seconds.

On the 88th and 89th floors are two observation decks offering breathtaking panoramic views of the city, as well as a corridor featuring flipboard-inspired artwork such as Infinite Life and Love Rhinos sculptures. Finally, on the 91st floor – which opens during good weather conditions – an open terrace allows visitors to capture stunning photographs from 1600 feet up!

Tickets to the top of the tower cost 600 Taiwanese dollars and can be purchased on the 5th floor of the Shopping Mall. While lines to take the lightning-fast elevator can be lengthy, there are plenty of seating and cafes where visitors can wait patiently while waiting their turn; unfortunately on rainy days however, no tickets are sold as the tower closes for maintenance work.

Photographic enthusiasts should visit Taipei 101 around 6 pm when darkness falls and its tower becomes illuminated with beautiful lighting effects. Be sure to bring a camera as photo opportunities will abound!

National Palace Museum

The National Palace Museum in Taipei is an incredible destination. Boasting one of the world’s largest and most valuable collections of Chinese cultural artifacts spanning thousands of years of history from tools and objects from antiquity through ink paintings and calligraphy, this museum provides an immersive learning experience about Chinese culture and philosophy.

For optimal experience at the National Palace Museum, allow plenty of time and an open mind. As it can be overwhelming to take in all the artifacts at once, it is best to spend several days here exploring at your own pace.

National Palace Museum features many historical exhibits as well as modern technology. It uses digital preservation methods to ensure the safety of its collections, and enhance the visitor experience. Furthermore, there’s an IMAX theater and planetarium where you can watch science documentaries while gazing upon the night sky.

Shilin Night Market offers visitors an authentic Taiwanese cultural and culinary experience within walking distance from the National Palace Museum. Offering street food and souvenirs as well as authentic Taiwanese dishes, it is a must-see destination.

Taipei’s Ximending district is another top tourist attraction. Boasting shops and restaurants as well as an iconic hipster vibe, it boasts several museums such as Red House Museum – founded in 1908. This impressive example of Japanese Colonial Period architecture boasts an octagonal hall and cruciform main building for maximum charm!

Are You Seeking Relaxation at the National Palace Museum? Ideally Located Near Beautiful Parks

Taipei Astronomical Museum

This museum can be quite fascinating; they explore the idea of extraterrestrial life while providing scale models of planets and an explanation of star formation. Plus, there’s even a Dome Theater which recreates sky conditions. All-in-all, it makes for a fantastic way to spend some quality time with kids!

Its three floors offer fun and engaging exhibits for children of all ages to explore, including an exciting Cosmic Adventure ride, IMAX 3D theaters and classrooms about astronomy – making this museum one of the city’s best destinations for them! Additionally, an observatory sits atop of its building so visitors can rent telescopes to observe the night sky.

From anywhere in the city, this structure can easily be seen: it’s an enormous golden sphere containing hundreds of seats arranged to face a large curved screen and dome-shaped observatory area.

The top floor offers breathtaking views of Taipei 101. Additionally, at its base is an upscale shopping mall and restaurant complex. Finally, there’s also a revolving restaurant and an elevator ride up to the top for breathtaking cityscape vistas!

This museum boasts over 70,000 artifacts from Imperial China and is free for tourists. It provides a great way to learn about Chinese history and culture, with audio tours providing more detailed insight into each artifact on display.

Here, you’ll discover over 200 architectural miniatures ranging from castles and towns and streets replicas to 1/12 scale models of Buckingham Palace. While admission to this museum is free for visitors, reservations should be made as it can get very busy quickly.

It can be sobering to walk through this former detention center, court and jail where political prisoners were detained during the White Terror period (1947-87). Walking its halls and rooms will bring back painful memories.

Jiufen is an extremely popular tourist spot, often bustling with crowds of visitors. One reason may be its association with Spirited Away film; but Jiufen itself also boasts charming old town buildings preserved over time and an abundance of traditional teahouses – attractions that draw millions every year!

Taipei Zoo

Taipei Zoo, also known as Muzha Zoo in Wenshan District, is one of Asia’s biggest zoological parks dedicated to conservation, education and research. Visitors can explore an impressive selection of animals and learn about their ecosystems at this Wenshan attraction – featuring eight outdoor exhibits and six houses as well as a children’s zoo!

Established in 1914, this zoo is widely recognized for its world-renowned Panda exhibition. A popular tourist attraction, it hosts giant pandas Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan from mainland China; both gave birth to baby panda cub, Yuan Zai on July 7, 2013.

Attracting many visitors, one of the park’s main draws are its imported koalas from Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in Queensland, Australia. Furthermore, other indigenous mammals such as emus, eastern grey kangaroos and southern cassowaries can also be seen here.

Taipei Zoo is home to numerous temperate species including American bisons, brown bears, gray wolves and Przewalski’s horses. Additionally, it features an open penguin house from February through October each year.

At this park, visitors will also find notable exhibits. These include the Children’s Zoo with domesticated animals that children can interact with like alpacas and rabbits; as well as Taiwan Animal Area that features native creatures to Taiwan such as Formosan sika deer, wild boars, clouded leopards, and black bears.

Zoo Toronto boasts an impressive crane collection featuring Demoiselle Cranes, Grey-Crowned Cranes, White-Naped Cranes and Eurasian Swans. Additionally, pangolin research is an active part of zoo activities as these endangered mammals have been poached for their meat and scales used in traditional Chinese medicine practices.

There is a shuttle train that runs throughout the park, offering free tickets to children under six, senior citizens over 65 and military officials. Additional discounts may also be obtained with Citibank Cards or select credit cards. It is easily accessible from Taipei Zoo Station on Wenhu Line of MRT system and open daily from 9:30am to 5:30pm.