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The History of Dubrovnik – Brief Overview

by Clare Louise

Located on the Southern Coast of Croatia, facing the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik is one place which reflects medieval history. It is known for its old town features that is marked with massive stone walls that were built during the 16th century. There are numerous relics from the Gothic period that can also be seen here.  The Gothic Rector’s Palace is one of them. Besides, the Renaissance Sponza Palace, St. Blaise Church are the two of the most well known historical structures located here. Want to know more about the History of Dubrovnik? Keep reading this article.

A Brief insight into the History of Dubrovnik

The city of Dubrovnik was founded by the Roman refuges who were fleeing from Epidaurus and Slav, in the year 614 B.C. Soon, they were joined by a colony of Slavs, which created a link between two ancient civilizations. After the decline of the Roman Empire, it was the the Byzantine Empire that took control over the city. Dubrovnik successfully managed to retain its independence by defeating various foreign powers. The clash continued from 1205 till 1358. Later on, it accepted the rule of Venetian, however, it could still manage to retain much of its independence.

This city has always been known for exhibiting liberal character, where refugees from all over the world were offered an asylum. King Richard I of England, once landed on its shores, when slave trade was at its peak in this part of the world. It was King Richard, who with the help of the local authorities abolished slave trading in the year 1192.

It was in the year 1420, Dalmatia was sold to Venice. However, Dubrovnik still managed to remain as a free city. For many years, the people from Dubrovnik managed to retain their freedom, by developing friendly ties with various nearby foreign powers. It even saved itself from that wrath of the Ottoman Empire, as it had a strategic treaty signed with it.

Arts and Culture

The city of Dubrovnik was known as one of the primary centers of literature and art. In the 17th century, it had earned the title of “the South Slav Athens.” In the history of the South Slavs, it was for the first time, their native language was introduced in their literature.

If you planning a trip to Dubrovnik, then you have many places of tourist attractions here. At Dubrovnik, you can find many museums, which has collection of some of the rare uniforms and furniture from the medieval period. Besides, with many forts, castles, palaces; this city is full of history. If you wish to experience how life must have been during the medieval period, or even prior to that, in that case, a trip to Dubrovnik is a must for you. With friendly people, pleasant weather and some of the best quality sea-foods, this place has always attracted tourists from all over the world. A nice place for a family vacation, where you could witness history unfold in front of you.