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Thailand With Family And Kids – Best Places To Visit

by Roberto Chevalier

You must have seen people on social media posting about their Thailand adventures – exploring the beaches, trekking, partying and whatnot. This might give the impression that Thailand is suitable only for people travelling with friends. However, that is not true, not even close.

Thailand has plenty of attractions where you can spend a lovely holiday with your family and kids. The stunning beaches, mouth-watering cuisine, and rich culture, Thailand has lots to offer. Plus, the top Beach hotels in Thailand ensure you enjoy every moment of your stay.

Let us now check out the places and attractions that are suitable for families and kids.

Safari World Bangkok

Kids love animals, especially the ones they don’t get to see only on Discovery channels. If you are travelling with your little ones, make sure to include Safari World Bangkok in your itinerary. This park boasts a wide variety of wild animals, including zebras, tigers, giraffes, lions, and more. You will also encounter lots and lots of monkeys trying to snatch things from you.

Dream World Bangkok

This amusement park is a great excuse to spend a fun-filled day with your family. There are numerous attractions and rides, making the park an exciting place to be. From cable cars to roller coasters, you name a ride and Dream World Bangkok has it.

Siam Amazing Park

If you are a water baby, you will surely enjoy your time at the Siam Amazing Park. This place is ideal for both kids and adults as it gives you the chance to play in the water. From numerous water games to swimming, you can do so much at the park. During your time here, don’t forget to try the popular water slide, Boomerang. Just so you know this water slide is even recognised by Guinness World Records.

These are only a few of the places to be named. If you do a little more research, you will find more such places in Thailand that are perfect for families and kids. It is guaranteed, you will love every second you spend exploring these attractions.