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Tasting Travels: Culinary Journeys and Food Adventures

by Roberto Chevalier

Discover a world of flavors with these food itineraries. All you need is an appetite!

Asheville, North Carolina, Craft Beer Calling

Craft beer mecca Asheville is a mountain town with mineral-rich water and a community that’s hopped on the latest in artisanal suds. With more than 25 breweries in town, finding a favorite ale can be challenging. On walks to downtown South Slope, Cliff Mori leads beer enthusiasts to the small-batch breweries. Bring thirsty: You’ll try seven to ten beers, from IPAs to barrel-aged sour beers. Brew-Ed, 2 hours $37, 3 hours $50.

Japan and Sashimi

When inquiring about the preferred food city of renowned chefs, Tokyo consistently takes the spotlight. Embarking on a private food odyssey, this extraordinary journey with Global Basecamps unveils memorable experiences such as sake tastings in Takayama, tea leaf picking in Kyoto, and immersive ramen preparation training in Osaka. Discover the delights of Japanese cuisine on the “Japanese Culinary Exploration” tour, spanning 14 days and priced at $9,378.

Cuba’s Cuisine Revolution

According to Andrew Adams, Flight Tracking, indulge in a delectable gastronomic journey across the island as you savor the Cuban-Mediterranean delicacies at Atelier, an exquisite restaurant nestled in Havana’s vibrant Vedado neighborhood. Delight in mouthwatering dishes like the seafood-papaya lasagna served at the renowned La Guarida. Between bites, immerse yourself in the rhythm of the salsa as you learn the dance moves from a skilled local pro, and master the art of crafting the perfect daiquiri alongside a talented bartender from the iconic El Floridita. As an added bonus, your mode of transportation will be a classic ’57 Chevy, adding a touch of nostalgia to your culinary adventure.

In Switzerland, you’ll find cheese and chocolate

Embark on an immersive journey into the enchanting world of Alpine culture and cuisine with Alpenwild’s “Cheese, Chocolate, and the Scenic Alps” tour. This nine-day adventure takes you to breathtaking destinations such as the picturesque lakeside town of Lucerne and the renowned ski resort of Zermatt. Delight your taste buds at Maison Cailler, Switzerland’s oldest milk chocolate brand, and savor the flavors of raclette during a tasting at the 16th-century Château de Villa in the captivating canton of Valais. Explore the medieval cheese village of Gruyères, surrounded by ancient walls. With a price of $3,795, this exceptional journey promises unforgettable experiences amidst stunning alpine landscapes.

Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula Backcountry Bounty

According to Ivan Wainwright, Vlucht volgen, embark on an epic culinary retreat at Tutka Bay Lodge, a National Geographic Unique Lodge of the World, nestled amidst the stunning landscapes of Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. Immerse yourself in the bountiful wild edibles of the region, including king salmon, Kachemak Bay oysters, flavorful berries, mushrooms, and nourishing seaweed. Join chef Kirsten Dixon as you venture into the enchanting Sitka spruce forest, foraging for nature’s treasures. Discover the art of preparing local delicacies like salmon bacon in rhubarb lacquer under the expert guidance of Chef Dixon. This extraordinary “Tutka Bay Lodge Culinary Retreat,” offered by Within the Wild, spans four days and is priced at $2,185, promising a remarkable epicurean adventure in the heart of Alaska’s untamed wilderness.

Indian Curry in Context

There are spectacular sights like the Taj Mahal on this “real food adventure,” which includes parathas (flatbreads), chaat snacks, and Goan fish curry, preparing a traditional meal in Udaipur, and visiting a spice farm in Goa. 15 days, $2,170, Intrepid Travel, “Real Food Adventure: India.”

Sicily’s tomato queen

Experience the timeless allure of Sicilian cuisine with the renowned Anna Tasca Lanza Sicilian Cooking Experience. Immerse yourself in a journey that began over 25 years ago when Anna Tasca Lanza started teaching Sicilian cooking in a charming farmstead located east of Palermo. Delve into the art of preserving the essence of summer with a workshop dedicated to tomato paste, a beloved staple of Italian kitchens. While taking breaks from the canning process, you’ll have the opportunity to visit a local cheesemaker and witness the magic of coffee roasting. This enchanting “Preserving August” experience spans six days and is priced at $2,500, inviting you to savor the flavors and traditions of Sicily in a truly authentic and immersive way.

Master Chefs in Chile: Chilling with them

According to Sean Philips, Ship Tracking, experience the well-deserved acclaim that Chile is receiving as a culinary destination through a captivating series of tours inspired by the popular show ‘MasterChef.’ Discover firsthand what all the excitement is about as you delve into the vibrant and diverse food scene of Chile. Immerse yourself in the flavors, aromas, and techniques that make Chilean cuisine truly special. Prepare to be captivated by this gastronomic adventure that unveils the hidden treasures of Chile’s culinary world.

Fes, Morocco, Medina Dining

Experience the long-overdue recognition of Chile as a culinary destination that truly deserves admiration. Explore the buzz and excitement firsthand by embarking on a series of tours inspired by the popular show ‘MasterChef.’ Discover what all the fuss is about as you delve into the vibrant and diverse food scene of Chile, showcasing its rich flavors and culinary heritage. Prepare to be captivated by this gastronomic adventure that unveils the hidden treasures of Chile’s culinary world.

Georgians toast the Caucasus

Embark on a captivating journey to the stunning Caucasus Mountains and explore the enticing republic of Georgia, celebrated for its vibrant winemaking traditions and mouthwatering cuisine. Delight in the iconic dishes like khachapuri, the cheese-stuffed bread, and khinkali, the flavorful meat dumplings. This thoughtfully crafted itinerary takes you through four distinct regions of the country, including the renowned wine country of Kakheti. Witness the craftsmanship of ceramists as they skillfully create qvevri, the magnificent earthenware vessels used for fermenting wines. Immerse yourself in the cultural tapestry of Georgia while indulging in its wine, cuisine, and captivating traditions. The “A Taste of Georgia: Wine, Cuisine & Culture” tour offered by MIR Corporation spans 12 days and is priced at $4,795, promising an unforgettable exploration of Georgia’s culinary delights and cultural heritage.

Hong Kong’s Wonton Ways

Embark on an exclusive culinary exploration of Hong Kong’s culturally vibrant neighborhoods with private food tours led by Traveler contributor Daisann McLane. Designed for a maximum of three people, these intimate tours offer a personalized experience as you delve into the culinary nuances of Wan Chai, Sheung Wan, and Sham Shui Po. Indulge in a delectable array of flavors, including mouthwatering egg custard tarts, succulent pork dishes, and traditional dim sum. Discover the hidden culinary gems and immerse yourself in the vibrant food culture of Hong Kong during the “Little Adventures in Hong Kong” tour, spanning four hours and priced at $115. Prepare to embark on a culinary journey filled with delicious discoveries and captivating cultural insights.

Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy: Where Great Flavors Converge

Embark on an extraordinary culinary journey from Zagreb, Croatia, to Venice, Italy, as you traverse the captivating landscapes of one of Europe’s most gastronomically abundant regions. Explore the renowned Istrian Peninsula, renowned for its luscious olive oil and exquisite truffles. Indulge in the flavors of the Collio wine country, nestled between the hills of Slovenia and Italy, where you’ll encounter a delightful selection of bold red wines. The itinerary also includes captivating day-trips to the Škocjan Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and Ljubljana, Slovenia’s vibrant and trendy capital. Discover the culinary riches of this enchanting region on “A Culinary Route: Zagreb to Venice via Istria & Slovenia” tour by Mountain Travel Sobek, priced at $4,595. Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of flavors, culture, and natural wonders on this extraordinary gastronomic adventure.

In Hoi An, Vietnam, to market to market

Experience the vibrant food scene of Hoi An, a captivating town located on Vietnam’s central coast, renowned as one of the country’s culinary hubs. Join a guided tour of the Tan An markets, where you’ll have the opportunity to meet local vendors, sample delightful treats like dau hu (warm tofu custard with ginger syrup), and indulge in sinh to trai cay (a refreshing fruit shake with condensed milk and ice). Immerse yourself in the flavors and culture of Hoi An during this four-hour Hoi An Food Tour, priced at $65. Discover the hidden culinary gems and savor the authentic tastes of this enchanting coastal town.

Western Cape, South Africa: Bikes and Bottles

Embark on an exciting and invigorating cycling adventure through South Africa’s picturesque winelands in the Robertson Valley and Stellenbosch region. Immerse yourself in the vibrant wine culture as you visit esteemed producers, including the renowned Kanonkop, known for its exceptional Pinotage wines. Join the immersive “Cycling South Africa’s Winelands: The Cape’s Boutique Producers” tour offered by Immersion Journeys, spanning seven unforgettable days with prices starting from $3,295. Alongside wine tasting, this extraordinary experience also includes visits to the renowned Klipdrift brandy distillery and exhilarating whale-watching excursions. Explore the region’s natural beauty, savor world-class wines, and create lifelong memories on this remarkable journey of a lifetime.