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Summer Camp for Kids: An Ultimate Packing List for Parents

by Roberto Chevalier

Sending a kid to summer camp is a tough decision for many parents. This is so because many parents do not trust anyone and never leave their children alone. But this stops their growth. When kids are always pampered and protected by their parents, they do not get enough space to explore new things in life. Therefore, a summer camp for kids provides the best opportunity for both parents and children to learn new things. The parents can leave their child in the safest environment, where the child gets the opportunity to explore new skills in life. 

The summer camps are of various types. They are interest-based as well. For overnight, weekly, or monthly summer camps, all the essentials need to be packed for the kids. This is important so that they do not find it difficult to survive there and ask for help from others.

So, in this article, we have shared an ultimate packing list for the parents that your child will need in the summer camp. 

  • Water Shoes

These are very important types of shoes that help protect your kid’s feet from glass and sharp rocks. They provide a grip on the slippery surface and protect the child from slipping or falling. Also, if he or she forgets the sneakers in the camp or the shoes get ripped off, they must have an extra pair of shoes that protect them from the slippery and rocky surface.

  • Flip Flops

Another essential thing to pack is their flip-flops. They can’t be wearing their sneakers all day in the camp. Flip flops provide comfort and an easy-to-wear facility for the kids. Also, they can use them while going to the toilet or taking showers. Never forget to pack a pair of flip-flops in your bag. 

  • Sunscreen

Sunscreen is very important for kids, especially during the summer. The kids are asked to perform various indoor as well as outdoor games. Sunscreen protects them from direct UV rays and keeps the skin safe during the summer. You can pack a lotion that is suitable for your child’s skin and instruct them to apply it whenever they leave the camp.

  • Mosquito Repellant

Mosquitoes in summer camps are a common occurrence, especially when they are held in a natural setting such as a vacation resort. Always pack a good mosquito repellant lotion or cream in your kid’s bag so that he or she can get a good sleep during the night.

  • Towel

It is something that your child will need on a daily basis. Pack a bath towel and a hand towel in your kid’s bag. Ask them to use them only and wash them regularly to maintain hygiene. 

  • Swimsuit and other accessories

Pack all the swimming accessories that include a swimsuit, swim goggles, earbuds, etc. If you do not pack these essentials in your kid’s bag, he or she may not be able to join their friends.

  • Laundry Bag

Always include a designer laundry bag in your packing list so that the kids can separate their dirty clothes from their clean ones.

  • Water Bottle

The camps may provide a water bottle, but your kid must carry one of his or her own.Visit Empowercamp.

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