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Japan: have the basic information before you start your tour planning

by Clare Louise

With so many attractions and cultural diversity, choosing which cities in Japan to visit is not always an easy task. Its customs, peculiarities and traditions make the country one of the most interesting and surprising destinations on the planet. To help you with this task, check out the best Japan guided tours kahala hi for your tourist itinerary in the land of the rising sun.

Cities in Japan: tourism, tips and itinerary

Unsurprisingly, the country has one of the most different languages ​​in the world. To have an even more incredible trip, a tip is to learn some expressions in Japanese to facilitate communication there. Another very important point is to understand a little about the customs of the country, so that you are not frowned upon and show respect for its traditions and customs. 

Japan is a country that you can visit all year round, but the best time is the one that suits your traveler profile. The months between September and December, in autumn, are the best season, as the temperatures are more pleasant. The landscapes of Japan are incredible and mix between modern buildings, temples and shrines that preserve the traditions and way of life of their ancestors. Take the opportunity to open yourself up to one of the most interesting and rich cultures in the world. Their religion and beliefs always have a lot to teach Westerners.

What are the most important cities in Japan?

The list of important cities for the country is the most diverse. However, some of them stand out in the most different aspects. Among the most notable cities is Tokyo, an ultra-modern metropolis and financial hub crucial to the country’s economic activities. Yokohama, with more than 3 million inhabitants, is considered the largest independent city in Japan, and is fundamental to the nation. Osaka is one of the main cities in Japan, ranking ninth with the highest GDP in the world and one of the most developed economic centers in Asia.

Travel insurance for cities in Japan

Even though it is not a prerequisite to enter the country, taking out travel insurance is the best option for your trip. After all, you will travel to the other side of the world and will be subject to the most diverse types of situations, including not very pleasant ones. Can you imagine being in a country with very different customs and facing health problems or accidents? Surely, you will have a lot of headache. If you do not want to go through trouble, hire good insurance, which guarantees you medical and dental care, assistance in cases of lost or misplaced luggage, flight cancellation and much more.

What to do in Japan

On your trip to Japan, you will not have room for monotony. The truth is that you will need a lot of energy to discover the attractions of this incredible country. Japan’s tourist cities are very eclectic and guarantee the most diverse options for leisure and entertainment. Among the attractions, at the top of the list must be a tour of the temples, shrines and ancient castles. Parks and woods are definitely the most beautiful places in cities, especially during the hottest seasons, such as spring and summer. Modernity is also synonymous with the country. So be sure to get to know its buildings, avenues and neighborhoods.