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How to Practice Safe International Travel During the Pandemic?

by Daniel Donna

Are you tired of covid-19 ruining your travel plans? Well, then you have to keep reading! With the new year just around the corner, travel agencies have started to parade their exciting offers. One can hardly think of anything else rather than jumping on an international flight and fly to your dream destination. The only unanswered question left is how to ensure the traveller’s safety?

The Covid-19 Pandemic has not been kind to travellers from all around the world. After almost a year of immobility, the new year has come along with a ray of hope for travel enthusiasts. The travel restrictions due to COVID in several countries have been relaxed, and you can resume international travel while following proper safety protocols and taking necessary precautions. Here are a few things that will help you feel more confident about flying to your next destination.

The First Step Begins at Home

Earlier you probably enjoyed the liberty of just packing your bags, getting into a cab, auto or even hitch a ride till the airport. But under the new circumstances vigilance is of utmost importance. Before leaving your humble abode, you have to ensure you have the proper safety gear including masks, shield, disinfectants and surface cleaners if necessary. The safest transports are no longer public buses but private cabs with shields in between the driver and the passenger seats. The travelling life as we knew it has changed, and we have to adapt to the new normal.

Find Out All About the COVID-19 Regulations

Countries have different rules and regulations regarding international travel to ensure the safety of travellers and citizens. Several countries demand to see a complete report of where you have travelled for the past 2 months. It is also important to find out about any recently imposed rules regarding the airport security check or flight formalities such as boarding, landing etc. For instance, If you are boarding a Delhi to London or Mumbai to Singapore flight, the chances are that your landing will be followed by a specified quarantine period. Moreover, you might be required to do a PCR test before and after reaching your destination. It is important to find out about the rules imposed by both governments before you start packing.

Take Your Time with Planning Your Trip

Don’t just buy the flight tickets, plan the entire trip. The first step is to choose the perfect flight, which suits your needs. Next, you should be ready with the most important facts regarding your trip, beginning with- what type of stays are available, what hotels or restaurants are available, which sight-seeing spots can you access and at what time. You should also choose a hotel or stay closer to the airport to ensure a smooth check-in process. Take your time to plan the trip thoroughly so you can utilize it to its best. While making seat selection, try to choose seats with more space. If you have miles in your kitty, use them to upgrade to a business class seat if possible. However, wherever you sit n the plane, ensure you practice social distance and wear masks and shields at all times.

Governments, airport authorities, and airline staff, are working round the clock to ensure travellers are safe while flying or visiting any country. As a traveller, we must respect the guidelines mentioned and follow them for our safety and fellow passengers’.  And as long as you are ready to follow all the protocols and guidelines, be rest assured that flying today is one of the safest ways to reach your destination.