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Exploring Mauritius during holidays – Local markets

by Larry Watson

The best place to taste Mauritian street food, buy authentic souvenirs and discover the fruits and vegetables of the island is of course the local market! As colorful as they are friendly, these markets are in a way a window open on the local culture. So to help you see more clearly and choose your next excursions, we have made a small selection of the most beautiful markets in Mauritius, visited and recognized by our teams.

1: The Center de Flacq market to awaken your senses

The Center de Flacq market is the largest open-air market in Mauritius, but it is far from being the most touristy. You can find almost everything there, from textiles, fruits and vegetables to seafood, spices and teas and herbal teas. As much to tell you exactly about all these colorful and flavorful products, the visual, fragrant and gustatory experience is perfectly exotic … of these foods that are not found anywhere else.

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2: Goodlands market to dive into local life

It is not uncommon not to come across any tourist wandering around the Goodlands market. It is for this reason that in our opinion, it is one of the most interesting! We don’t come here to bring back memories, but rather to live a unique sensory experience. On the market, the stands of exotic fruits and vegetables are always full and next to those of meats, fish and spices. If you want to cook Mauritian food, you will find absolutely everything you need to prepare a tasty fried mine, a dholl puri or even a briani.

3: The Mahébourg market to find souvenirs

A stone’s throw from the seafront, the Mahébourg market is one of the most interesting for bringing back fond memories of your stay in Mauritius. On a literal impression of strolling in the cave of Ali Baba while walking in its narrow streets. It will be an opportunity to buy clothes, gadgets, handicrafts … And of course to taste the local cuisine. During our last scouting, we had offered ourselves a small snack based on samosas and chili cakes: a delight!

4: Curepipe market to stroll through a historic monument

Twenty kilometers from Port Louis, the city of Curepipe is visited mainly in summer, when arrivals are a little less frequent than the rest of the year. This is an opportunity to visit the arcades, a large centenary covered market housed in a huge building made of basalt stones. Stroll through the maze of arcades to discover the cafes, restaurants and lounges of all the most trendy and authentically Mauritian as each other.

5: Port Louis market for fruit & vegetables

Have you chosen the location of the villa in Mauritius and therefore had the opportunity to cook your own ingredients? Go for a walk on the side of the Port Louis market to do your lessons! This is where we found the most beautiful stalls of spices, fruits and exotic vegetables on the island. It is no coincidence that this is where many Mauritians come to do their lessons. This market, not very touristy, allows visitors to immerse themselves in local life, the real one!