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by Larry Watson

Each Duluth webcam on this allows everyone to witness the ever-changing weather and mystical qualities that make Duluth such a wonderful place to visit. It is a great pleasure to be able to watch the changing of the seasons from afar. The beauty of Lake Superior and the city itself. Remarkably, one of these Duluth webcams is located high above the ground in a peregrine falcon’s nest box in a heap in a power plant. Trust me, you’ll be glued to your computer during the
breeding season, and even after the chicks hatch you’ll see a smile growing on your face.For your information: When you access this page, the image you see on the webcam is the current one. However, it is not immediately recharged here. In order to view the newly loaded images, you must click on the appropriate link or image to go to the website hosting the webcam…

Canal Camera From the top of the Lake Superior Marine Visitor Center in Duluth, these cameras offer one of the most intimate views of the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge and Ship Canal Lake Superior. The cameras are owned and operated by the Corps of Engineers Lake Superior Marine Visitor Center, funded by the Lake Superior Association of Marine Museums .

Bridge Cameras This camera is located on the roof of the Lake Superior Marine Visitor Center in Duluth, Minnesota. Focuses on the historic Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge. This view is perfect for seeing this iconic bridge in action. Enjoy watching ships from around the world enter and depart Twin Ports as they traverse the cool waters of Lake Superior. The camera is a collaborative effort of viewers like you, the Lake Superior Maritime Museum, the Army Corps of Engineers, and Duluth webcams .

GLA CAMThe GLA Camera is located atop the Great Lakes Aquarium and provides a perfect view of the bridge and Duluth River -ship channel.

Pier B Camera The Pier B Camera is located on the roof of the beautiful Pier B Resort. The camera has a front-row seat to Bayfront Park, the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge, and the Port of Duluth. 

Hillside CamHillside Cam is streamed from the Hillside Hub, where six of our cameras are connected to the internet. Hillside offers one of the best views of the Duluth Harbors and runs through the area, capturing the beauty of Northland.

South Pier Inn South Pier Inn on the Canal. Located at the foot of the world-famous Aerial Lift Bridge in Duluth, this family-run boutique hotel was awarded Best Small Hotel in Minnesota by the Minnesota Lodging Association. Explore our website to learn more about this special little Canal Park hotel.