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Business Ideas and Marketing Strategies to Promote your Travel Agency in the Philippines

by Larry Watson

Establishing your business and travel agency is fulfilling. But do your efforts have brought the success you hoped for? We recognize that there’s so much you could offer, yet staying ahead in the competition is essential in being a travel agent. So here we gather business ideas and marketing strategies you could utilize for a stronger and relevant presence of your services—from promoting offers, building relationships, and boosting audience reach. 

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Identify Relevant and Most Used Keywords

Understanding the preferences and needs of travelers are crucial in producing services. People would prefer connecting with travel agencies based on how fit their standards and demands are. In fact, one person could scan through several travel businesses and extended interactions on the internet. So to win over these searches, use keywords that match or relate to the clients’ expectations. According to Think With Google, there are four moments you could use: Dreaming, Booking, Organizing, and Experiencing.

Create Presence on Available Platforms

Marketing is beyond maintaining your website and giving out brochures. In this era of digitalization, indulging with the most prominent social networks would keep you in touch with the community. The Philippines is among the top in terms of using social media, you might as well consider the following networks:

  • Facebook is one of the most go-to platforms for users. People who love to share posts of appealing places, induce the feeling to have the same travel experiences.
  • Instagram is recommended to extend your reach, especially if you target millennials and younger generations. It is a photo-sharing platform that is most advantageous for travel agencies.
  • Twitter and Pinterest could boost your services. They are used to find useful information in making the best out of their travel experiences. This includes travel trips, outfit ideas, locations, food, and more.

Online Ads and Campaign 

Most of your competitors are already immersed in modernization. So you have to create something more extra and appealing. Like the traditional brochures and advertisements, you could also pull this off online. There are paid ads and promotional features in the prominent social media networks where you could boost your campaign. You could also consider Google Adwords when showcasing bookings to entice travelers.  find out who the richest instagram users are

Imagery ads, infographics, and videos are appealing. However, you have to ensure that the layout and graphics are impressive. Somehow, it represents your reputation as a traveling business or agency. Here are some principles and tips in combining words and visuals in a single banner.

  • The use of multiple patterns and inconsistent application of textures are overwhelming. It reduces focus because it makes the text look obscured.
  • Font size matters. If you want to highlight your promos and discounts, consider changing the size and color to attract attention.
  • Focus on using words that the readers would love to see. Surely, it will incite interest at first glance. Such words as “free,” “latest,” and “immediately.”

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