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Bhutan Famous Food: 5 Must-Taste

by Daniel Donna

If you visit Bhutan, then you must taste Bhutanese foods. Their foods are excellent and spices will take your taste bud. Every foreigner is satisfied with their food with a truly unique journey food cuisine. Without trying Bhutanese cuisine, a trip to Bhutan travel adventures is incomplete. Bhutan’s favorite dish is a spice that appears very bold in different dishes. Vegetarian tourists can breathe a sigh of relief when choosing what to eat. Interestingly, although many popular meat dishes exist, there are still many vegetarians in Bhutan. Your trip to Bhutan will be incomplete without Bhutanese cuisine. You can find quality food options for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The local cuisine of Bhutan maintains a dissimilar character. Here are the five must taste Bhutanese food items for you. Bhutan offers so many types of tasty foods that it is really hard to choose any five out of these food items. I fear that maybe I will lose some really tasty food items like Yaksha Shakam which is made with Yak meat and some vegetarians’ food also.

Ema Datshi

The food menu is a stew that is prepared with chilies and cheese. This is spicy food and also the national food of Bhutan. Moreover, Ema Datshi is the most renowned food of the country i.e. ranked among the top Bhutan famous foods. Almost every foreigner in Bhutan tastes the food.

For preparing the food, chili is divided into long segments by removing the seeds and ribs and mixing cheese, garlic, water, and a little oil. This cheese is a special farmer’s cheese, insoluble in water and rarely found outside of this country. Onions and tomatoes are also occasionally added. You can also use cheese Yak. Based on the uniformity of liquid, there are some small variations in the preparation of the food. However, the final essence is the same i.e. allover in Bhutan, it is made from green, yellow, or red chili, ground beef or cow’s milk cheese, onions, and tomatoes. Please taste this Bhutan famous food very carefully. The Bhutanese chilies are rated exceedingly high on the scale of Scoville and are intended to keep you warm enough. These chilies are enough to make you sweat.

Shakam Shukam Datshi

This is one of the rare foods that are hard to find in Bhutan. But if you do find it, make sure you try it. It is a rare food, sold only by a handful of restaurants in Bhutan. If you have learned what the denotation of Datshi and Shakam is, you probably know what this Bhutanese dish is. As mentioned before, datshi means cheese. On the other hand, shakam i.e. dried white peppers that are rare anywhere and have a different taste. Dried white pepper is mixed with pure Bhutanese cheese cooked with dried beef, white pepper, and cheese. Due to the sour taste of white pepper, you get a unique taste that you will definitely love.

Gondo Datshi

This dish is authentic Bhutanese food. This is one of the finest scrambled eggs’ dishes that will delight you. Gondo Datshi is a delicious meal that you must-have during your trip to Bhutan. In this recipe, the eggs are mixed and mixed with real butane cheese as well as lots of butter. Hence, a little dry cool is added to give it a spicy taste. The scent and taste of these scrambled eggs are felt from the sky. For a better taste, eat Gondo Datshi with Himalayan red rice and some chili sauce. You will taste a memorable dish.

Shakam ema datshi

You need to like cheese. Otherwise, there is no way you can go to Bhutan. Eating Bhutanese food means eating too much cheese. It is made with beef that is dried and preserved. The most well-known beef recipe is too good for your taste bud. In many places in Bhutan, the food is made with beef which is thick and the final product is not wholly dehydrated. For this food item, the dried beef is divided into small pieces and cooked with butter and a lot of cheese.

Shakam Paa

It is a luscious dish made with dried beef, cooked to dried beef, and sometimes with radish slices. It is a protein-rich food and gives every foreigner an energy boost. Although the meat is a bit chewy due to dryness and preservation, a foreigner can have a great taste that will blow their mind. This dish is made from roasted beef with whole pepper and radish pieces for a unique flavor blend.

A few more words about Bhutanese foods

Foreigners also praise Suja i.e. Tea that is commonly consumed in Bhutan but somewhat differently. Most locals take pleasure in the special types of tea, also known as gur gur. The tea is generally served after a meal. The tea provides good feelings in the chilly winter. Fresh yak butter is used in tea. This butter is made from new yak milk. Then the tea is boiled along with tea.

You can find the essence of butter in tea leaves and water. It is a foam drink that tastes more like butter than tea, and its salty taste may surprise you slightly. While enjoying Bhutan travel adventures, you will find many hotels and restaurants that prepare quality Bhutanese dishes. In these places, you will find that all the dishes are made with organic or local ingredients. Bhutanese mushroom is also famous to visitors. The only problem is you will have to pick a mushroom item out of more than 300 varieties.

The main theme of Bhutanese food is strong chilies and a lot of cheese. On the other hand, food items like beef and mushroom make their foods tastier than common foods. Spicy food and cheese help Bhutanese to fight with strong cold in the Himalayan region and also to stay stronger. There are many more types of famous dishes also. Some of these dishes are dedicated to vegetarians too. If you stay some weeks in Bhutan, you can taste many more types of spicy and tasty local foods there.