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Best Experiences In The Tropical Paradise Of Port Douglas 

by Daniel Donna

The tropical paradise of Port Douglas is about an hour’s drive away from Cairns through the Great Barrier Reef Drive, a coastal road that has the forest on one side and the beach on the other side. A trip to Port Douglas is typically focused on the 3 R’s – reef, rainforest, and relaxation. It will be the greatest adventure in a lifetime to visit the best places in Port Douglas and experience some of the things that are not available elsewhere.

Things to do in Port Douglas 

  • Four Mile Beach – There are many things that you can do in Port Douglas before you visit the Great Barrier Reef. The Four Mile Beach is one of the most well-known beaches in Tropical North Queensland where you can hire a sun lounge and spend the day relaxing under the shade of an umbrella. During low tide, the beach is firm and smooth and ideal for running or cycling. You can also hire a kayak during calm days when the water is clear enough to spot some sea turtles. 

The Four Mile Beach is host to several public events like the Port Douglas Carnivale, sporting and triathlon events, mountain biking, and running festivals. Thousands of athletes and their followers converge in Port Douglas to participate in the TriPort event that is famous for its 2 Half Iron distance triathlons. Athletes are exposed to a tough course along with the beautiful sites of Port Douglas while testing their endurance. 

  • Port Douglas Market – Every Sunday morning, you can browse, shop, and grab a bite at the Port Douglas Market. The market opens early to that you will have ample time to experience face painting and pick the best among the jewelleries, produce, and local craft sold by local merchants. 
  • Restaurants in Port Douglas – Dining can be pretty good in Port Douglas because of the amazing water and mountain views at some of the restaurants. You can have a pick of casual family meals, fish and chips, and pizzas or the best-smashed avocado on toast for your breakfast. 
  • Lady Douglas – You can take an evening cruise on the Lady Douglas river boat to The Inlet to watch saltwater crocodiles along with various birds like the white-breasted sea eagles. You may get the chance to steer the boat on the way back.  
  • Daintree Rainforest – Set aside a day to visit the Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation. You can take a tour or drive your own 4-wheel drive to travel through the dirt tracks and creek crossings. There is an inland road that is more passable but you might miss the famous wild cassowaries and the incredible beauty of the rainforest. 

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