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A Visit to Japan: Your Deals Now

by Clare Louise

Chubu, Mount Fuji and the Japanese Alps, the famous volcano and the region of the five lakes are a real little piece of paradise for nature lovers. Even you will only be able to climb the most famous volcano in the world in summer for the more adventurous, the surrounding landscapes are simply magnificent. They alone deserve a visit to the place. Here are the things to do japan.

But the Chubu region is not limited to Japan’s iconic volcano. It is above all a real breath of fresh air that contrasts with the perpetual bustle of the capital. The lush green mountains surrounded by Shinto shrines are sources of inspiration for all photography enthusiasts.

The Chubu region is a focal point and deserves to be known as there are many nuggets there that can be great stops for those who want to take a trip off the beaten track.

Hiroshima and Chugoku on Honshu Island

A city infamous since the Second World War, Hiroshima is also rich in historical and cultural heritage. Besides its Peace Park in which you can see the impact of the atomic bomb, it also has its own gastronomy.

But the Chugoku region also has many facets and an important cultural heritage. You will discover another Japan. So, do not hesitate to go and see the Tottori dunes, the dune landscape contrasts with the rest of what can be seen elsewhere. It is a popular spot for travelers for the breathtaking view of the Sea of ​​Japan.

Okinawa and the Island Of Kyushu in the South of the Archipelago

If you want to change a bit from the big Japanese cities, don’t hesitate to travel to the south of the archipelago to discover a place full of nature. The island of Kyushu enjoys a mild climate almost throughout the year and gives the opportunity to make many hikes in the middle of volcanoes.

Fukuoka will also allow you to discover new facets of culture, such as ceramics. In the south of the region, the island of Okinawa is the first Japanese seaside resort. You will be seduced by the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere of the place. The region is also renowned for its cuisine, which is light and healthy, especially fish-based. But above all, you will be able to savor dishes that you will not find in the rest of the country.

Hokkaido, the Big Northern Island

Between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of ​​Japan, the island of Hokkaido will surprise you with the beauty of nature and its parks, which gives it a unique character. Sapporo is famous for ski enthusiasts and it also hosts a big winter festival every year.

Both wild and unspoiled by man, Hokkaido is a hiker’s paradise. By bike or on foot, it invites you to get lost and take the time to contemplate its landscapes. Taking a boat to one of the small islands will also be an opportunity to discover small fishing villages and often meet moving encounters.

Tohoku, the Other Natural Paradise to Discover

Terribly marked by the tsunami that hit the Fukushima plant, the Tohoku region remains a rare gem. It is renowned for its traditional culture and natural landscapes. Less frequented by tourists, the cities of Sendai or Tsuruoka are nonetheless worthy of interest.