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A simple guide to flying abroad with CBD products

by Simon watson

When you come across CBD products for the first time, they can be genuinely life-changing. However, when you get so used to using CBD products to improve your day-to-day life, you might forget about their legal status. While broadly seen as a positive, there are still some potential risks and concerns to be considered if you are wondering can I fly with CBD? If you want to try and understand what you are dealing with, here are some simple guidelines to think about that should make flying with CBD something that you can handle without any difficulty.

Travelling with CBD products safely

So, the main challenge when it comes to flying with CBD is the legal status of the product itself. Typically, the first and foremost issue comes down to the kind of container that you are bringing onboard the plane. If you are using a liquid product, then you will be limited to just 100ml that you can bring with you on the plane for safety and security reasons.

However, in the unlikely event you have a CBD prescription (rarer than hens teeth in the UK), you could fly with more as medicine does not fit the 100ml limit.

The other challenge stems from the actual power of your product. If you buy your CBD goods from sensible and professional venues, then you should have no issues. However, buying from less reputable sources could see you buy CBD products that still contain enough THC to become a problem for you when flying. Even with whole plant and full spectrum CBD, the presence of THC can cause some problems with airport security – it really does come down to your luck with how informed your handler is, though.

Typically, in the UK, the maximum THC amount allowed is around 0.2% in the UK. It is, though, higher in other areas.

Staying in tune with flight laws

For most people in the UK in particular, it can seem odd to be able to buy CBD goods from the supermarket but not have the right to fly with them. At the moment, most CBD products are sold under the guise of a nutritional supplement, as it can help to avoid the rather hazy and confusing laws around legality. You should be able to carry CBD products on domestic and international flights to and from the UK – it is, though, your duty to read the laws of the country where you will be arriving so you don’t arrive with anything that might offend.

Really, the easiest solution is to speak with the flight provider as they should be able to chase up the rules and regulations from destination to destination. Especially if you are going to be dealing with holdover flights in locations across Asia and Africa, you might want to make sure you do some extra reading to find out what the regulations are going to be.

As ever, a bit of research beforehand is key. So long as you buy your CBD products from a trusted and registered source, though, they should be safe for flying with in the United Kingdom and beyond. Just do your reading about the areas you will be visiting or flying into for holdovers, and you can avoid any potential headaches and issues at customs.