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6 best tips to plan your vacation in Rajasthan

by Daniel Donna

Rajasthan, the land of Rajas and Maharajas, is one of the most vibrant, colourful, charming, culturally rich, and historically significant places in India. It is a magical land that remains truthful to its roots. With heritage buildings, royal forts, palaces, rich wildlife, and vibrant culture Rajasthan turns out to be one of India’s most renowned tourist attractions.

From the lakes of Udaipur to the palaces of Jaipur alongside the desert forts of Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, and Bikaner, Rajasthan fascinates everyone. Every site of this palace state is a beauty to behold and becomes a memory to cherish forever. Apart from its historical and cultural significance, the place is also a major centre of pilgrimage with prominent Hindu and Muslim Sufi Shrines. While planning your accommodations, you will also come across multiple luxurious and beautiful hotels, which makes the trip even more exciting. It is always best to book hotels online to avoid last-minute changes. Here are the 6 best tips to plan your vacation in Rajasthan:

Duration of the trip

Rajasthan has so much to offer that it would take years to explore everything on one go. Four big cities cover the majority of Rajasthan tourism. These prominent cities are Jodhpur, Jaipur, Udaipur, and Jaisalmer. Each of these cities is worth staying for at least two nights. However, if someone wants to have a detailed and more extensive visit, they can plan their schedule accordingly. The considerable point is that Jaisalmer is the farthest one. You can also plan a road trip around upon landing in Rajasthan to unleash the adventurous side in you.

Choosing the right place to stay

Choosing the right place for a stay is not only very important for a relaxing vacation, but it becomes a compulsion if one wants to have a budget-friendly vacation. Rajasthan is full of scattered beauty, and therefore it is quite obvious that tourists have to travel the entire day. Book hotels, after considering the nearby attractions and transportation facilities available.

If you are on a fun trip with friends, booking hotels having bunk beds where one can share space with others can be an affordable option. They are not only hygienic but also economical. If someone is planning a honeymoon trip to Rajasthan, you can book exquisite star hotels as per convenience. To get a traditional Rajasthani vibe, Havelis and fort hotels are the best.

Carrying right clothes

Carrying the right clothes is very important to make the trip easy while having an entire day out full of activities. It is always preferable to wear light and loose cotton clothes while touring around Rajasthan during summers. You can wear a hat to get protection from the scorching sun. It is suggested not to carry white clothes in Rajasthan as the desert dust may get accumulated on the surface of the clothes. If you are in for a winter tour to Rajasthan, woollen blazers, sweaters and cosy lowers are a must. It is also recommended to wear flats because a trip to Rajasthan requires walking around barefoot. People who are planning to do trekking should carry trekking shoes.

Trying luscious and authentic Rajasthani food

A trip to Rajasthan is incomplete without tasting the authentic flavours it has to offer. Rajasthan is a heaven for vegetarians, enabling them to taste lip-smacking delicacies. However, it does not disappoint non-vegetarians as well. You can have the taste of authentic Lal gosht and Rogan Josh of Rajasthan during the entire trip. Tourists can even try Gujarati and South Indian cuisines in Rajasthan that are equally delicious. The millet-based dishes of Rajasthan are famous worldwide and are rich & nutritious as well.

Visiting the forts, palaces, and museums

The forts, palaces, and museums of Rajasthan serve as the souls of its rich culture and history. This great state is known for its historical bounty. The monuments and architectural structures found here are globally renowned. Visiting the forts, palaces, and museums is the must-do thing in Rajasthan. It can be fascinating if one hires a guide to explore the history of the place. Generally, the guides fix a time, and they complete the tour within that time. Every fort and palace in Rajasthan have distinct tales to showcase. The trip to such historical places takes us back to the time of Kings and Queens.

Shopping your heart out

Rajasthan is popular for its artworks, embroidery, and handicrafts. The city markets will help you find out authentic hand works and woven materials, depicting the true essence of the place. If you are in for colourful dresses, Rajasthani couture is definitely the most appropriate call. From beautiful jewellery and ornaments to vibrant ethnic dresses, these markets have them all. If one knows to bargain, they can get these clothes at much cheaper prices.

Rajasthan and its historical connections are endless, the entire state has an authentic charm of its own. Here’s hoping that the article was useful and the points mentioned, were descriptive enough to clear out your thoughts on what all to expect during your upcoming Rajasthan tour.