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4 Keys Things to Consider When Traveling to London

by Roberto Chevalier

Not long ago, London took the first spot as the number one destination globally, based on millions of opinions and reviews from tourists like you.

People from different parts of the world visit this fast-paced and vibrant capital city of England, but only for good reasons.

London will always have something for every kind of tourist, from adventurous foodies to fashion trendsetters and history buffs. So before you visit the city, it can help a lot to consider the following to make your trip great:

Walking Distances

London is a big city. This might seem as obvious, though surprisingly, many individuals underestimate how big the city is.

It is just a few stops on the Tube between Big Ben and St. Paul’s Cathedral. So you shouldn’t waste your time going through different stations when you can be on a train for two-three minutes.

Don’t underestimate the walking distances and save your time, energy, and money by opting for London hotels situated in central London. Or perhaps you can opt for a hotel that is near the main attractions you’re looking to visit the following day.

School Breaks and Bank Holidays

London is among the most beautiful places in the United Kingdom, and definitely, the most popular city in Europe, thanks to the delicious meals it offers.

The busiest times to tour the city include August and July, during school breaks, and bank holiday weekends. So if you could, you might want to avoid visiting the city during these peak periods for better prices and fewer crowds.


Public transportation is just great. The costs are reasonable for the tube and buses. Just know that there are no cash payments on buses.

An Oyster Card can be your best bet as it may save you more than 50% on the transportation cost compared to single tickets.

The everyday cost maximum is about £4.40 per day if you only use trams and buses and use the card to make payments. Using a single ticket or other forms of payment won’t benefit you from this everyday maximum.

Tipping in Restaurants

If you are at a restaurant in the city and your bill comes with a service charge, it won’t be necessary to tip on top of it. If the service was good and the bill doesn’t come with a service charge, a 10% tip will be fine.However, if the service is terrible, tipping is optional, regardless of what the providers try to say.

If you come from America, know that service in London, like other parts of the UK, will not be the standard that you’re used to back in your country. So you might want to be a little patient with that.

In a Nutshell!

London remains among the most popular cities worldwide for many tourists – but for a good reason. It is not just a culturally vibrant and diverse city that is simple to get around. The city is also popular for sightseeing tours, beautiful hotels, and delicious cuisine, not to mention friendly and welcoming Londoners.